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The PatriotsHeart account on BlogTalkRadio has been upgraded with additional feature, beyond what is available with the free version. The upgraded MySwitchboard has additional features which allow call screening.

Call screening requires that the host have an assistant, who will perform the screening while the host is ON-AIR. In order to screen calls, the assistant must have the ID and password to log in to the BTR account with username="PatriotsHeart". Once logged in, select "MyBlogTalkRadio", and then "MySwitchboard". This will bring up the switchboard, which looks like this after the host has dialed in:

If that graphic it hard to read, this one may look a little better.

The columns on right of the switchboard are: "On Air", "Caller Info", Hang Up", and "Screen".

"On Air" will display a speaker with a NOT symbol if the caller is muted, or a microphone if the caller is on-air.

"Caller Info" contains information entered by the screener. It will turn yellow if it contains anything. If you position the cursor over this button, you will see the information pop up.

"Hang Up" button will boot the caller.

"Screen" button is used by the screener to conduct an off-air conversation with the caller as described below. The button turns yellow when the associated caller is in the "screening room". People in the "screening room" can talk to each other, but cannot hear the radio program.

The screener must wait until after the host calls in, and then he will have to type F5 to refresh the screen. Only then will the extended screening features appear on the switchboard. The screener must listen to the show by dialing the call-in number or by clicking "CLICK TO TALK" on the BTR show page. However, you can only "CLICK TO TALK" after the show starts. It may be a good idea to start with a phone dial-in and switch to "CLICK TO TALK" after the show starts. That way he won't miss any of the show. The internet feed of the program is 15-30 seconds behind real time, so it is not good for the screener.

Here is how the screening process works. The host should be in a PM with the screener. The screener should notice a new caller. However, sometimes the screener will be looking at chatrooms for questions, so the host can notify the screener of a new call with a short PM message. New callers will come on to the switchboard in MUTED state.

To talk off-air to the caller, the screener will do the following:

(1) click the "Screen" button on his own line - the button turns yellow when active. This will take him off-air, and take the show out of his audio. He is now in the "screening room".

(2) click the "Screen" button the new caller's line. Now the screener can have an of-air conversation with the caller. Screener should find out if the caller wants to talk or just listen. Then get the caller's name and perhaps the nature of the question.

(3) click both "Screen" buttons, so they can hear the show again.

(4) click the caller's "Caller Info" button, and enter the caller's name, and perhaps a short comment. The host will notice this button turn yellow, and can position the mouse ofer it to read the information.

The screener can also PM information to the host. The host can the put the caller on-air at any convenient time.

Have fun!

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Great job Explaining VG. I think I can do that now!


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