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Following Patriot’s Heart Network’s trip to Washington DC, along with American Grand Jury representatives, Dr. Penny Kelso, Mack Ellis and Carl Swensson, Chalice reports the following:

Patriot’s Heart Network contacted Chief Magistrate Judge Royce Lamberth’s office this morning. The following information was provided:

1) A case number will be assigned to the American Grand Jury presentments served to the District Court on Monday June 29-30, 2009. The number will be provided to Carl Swensson shortly.

2) Chief Magistrate Judge, Royce Lamberth will make a decision on the American Grand Jury presentment.

3) Citizens can file petitions with the court once a number is provided. Further information will be forthcoming.

4) A Lawyer is needed who can instruct on the process of petition filing in the US District Court.


Please support Patriot’s Heart Network and The American Grand Jury as we continue following up on the June 29-30th trip to Washington DC where the court was served. Follow up posts can be seen at,, and (news is posted on the .net site).

The Citizen's Grand Jury and Patriot’s Heart Network is returning to Washington DC on July 20, 21, and 22 and need your help and support. As 5 teams, each consisting of 2 members, one a Grand Jury representative and one a Citizen Journalist from Patriot’s Heart Network, arrive in Washington on July 20th the next step in the process will follow. These 5 teams will serve and record the service of the American Grand Jury presentments to every member of Congress.

We need people on the ground before we go, while we are there and for follow up. This is serious. The time is NOW for this issue to be heard and seen. Please help. Contact to find out how you can help. Also look at instructions on the websites listed above.

Funds are urgently needed to finance the 10 individuals who will be in DC for those three days. Please go to Patriot’s Heart Network to make a donation to the teams. You will enjoy the fruit of your tithe as you watch the teams progress through the Congressional buildings! Patriot’s Heart Network will stream the feeds to America!

Read this Post for information on how to help: ( )

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It took some digging to find out WHY we were to contact Judge Lamberth (from this link received in email today:

Not sure what we are supposed to say to him....first of all, this commentary states that petitions will be received by teh Court AFTER a Case # is without that Case # - WHAT DO WE SAY TO HIM?

PLEASE! If you want meek little sheeple to follow and work with you, LEAD them by the hand - at least in starting out...too many are afraid to take those first critical steps to get going with this FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! It's easier just to sit and home and complain! I so often hear, "I want to do SOMETHING, but have NO IDEA what I can do!" Many are frustrated and feeling overwhelmed! As I said, those first few faltering steps in that FREEDOM FIGHT can be the hardest of all... PLEASE DON'T! make them any more difficult!
Hlmmmm, seems to me that all we need to do right now is to send him an email stating that you (I) are strongly supportive of the American Grand Jury efforts, and that you would urge him to give the Presentments that were delivered to his chambers a very careful and well researched decision - and that you are expecting a favorable judgement. Then when we have a case no. we can send in petitions with our individual arguments.

That's my plan, anyway. Take it and run.
Steve Pidgeon or Gary Kreep come to mind as lawyers.
Stop The Spending!

This avenue for action is strong and I support it fully. I also support many efforts going on around the country to bring legal pressures upon the President and Congress of the United States to act within the framework of the Constitution. They are currently acting as dictators and must be stopped. The Health Bill should never have a chance to even be voted on.....
Not exactly sure how I got here, but here i am. What can I do to help take back God's country? On those presentments, what are we to say as I am not even sure what a presentment is! God Bless you all!
Re: Freedom Rider... I suggest you check out the links from the original story at the top of this page....but here is the first one referred to ...
I know that following all the links and reading all the info is time consuming but I will attest to the fact that it is the most eye opening , educational path I have been on in this issue. I am a charter member of AGJ (first link) and from there all others link into each other.
start reading and linking and you will find a niche' that is perfect for you.
Thanks Mggie. Will do.
I am under the impression that we should not email or contact the judge until AFTER having the case number. Judges want things very exact. Please wait for the case number before contacting. There will be plenty of time.
in actuality, American grand Jury does not endorse the citizens petition idea, according to the founder of the American Grand Jury, there are certain procedures that we, as a common law citizens Grand jury are bound to protocol.Our presentments , in and of them selves, have all the standing and validity, embedded by the constitution, that is needed.We do not need the representation of a lawyer, as we are not "filing" anything. A grand jury investigates , researches, review and votes on the findings within the evidence.Grand Jury's hand down decisions to indict ..(or NOT, depending on how the vote goes) and this is then "presented" to judicial official.It is then the duty of the judicial official to issue a suppeona for charges to be filed against the person listed as defendant.Thats it in a nutshell. Sometimes there is miscommunication regarding how to go forth on grass-roots subjects, although citizens grand jury's are not exactly grass roots as they existed once and were methodically phased into the background, by those in positions to re-write at whim judiciary procedures,and tried to make them obsolete.
I hope i have been clear enough with the little bit I do know about this subject. i am not an expert , so its best to research for yourselves ALL that the AGJ website has to offer.


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