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9/10/2009: Commentary: Obama Called A Liar; If The Shoe Fits....IT DOES!!!!

It’s official, Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. Oh, it isn’t because Congressman Joe Wilson proclaimed it last night. It’s because Obama’s entire speech was laced with outright lies and distortions, coverage for illegal aliens among them.

The fact that no bill presently being entertained by Congress or Obama specifically bans illegals from receiving health care paid for by American taxpayers leaves the issue of covering them wide open. In effect, if there is no language to the contrary, illegals will have as much right (and we use that term advisedly) to health care on America’s dime as any American. No court could possibly rule otherwise. Obama is a lawyer. He knows this to be true. If he knows this to be true, and speaks otherwise, he is a liar.

The Associated Press, one of the left’s bought and paid-for organs of disinformation, reported on the matter as “an extraordinary breach of congressional decorum.” They tittered over comments made on Mr. Wilson’s Twitter page, gleefully exclaiming, “he had taken a brutal beating” by the end of the night, and that his “House Web site had crashed.” We are left to assume Wilson made an unforgivable error, the public reaction coming in cold and negative to a person.

But that isn’t the way it actually shapes up if one peruses germane comments on the net. The overwhelming majority applaud Joe Wilson for his courage.

Here’s just a few from around the web. Note that the Associated Press site does not allow comments. Also note typos and grammatical errors are verbatim.

From FOX News:

“I agree. It is time to set decorum aside. Call a liar a liar. He should not apologize for the breach nor the comment. I sickens me to watch as these people deficate on the constitution and destroy the economy. I think we should all stand up and shout liar every time he makes a public appearance.”

“I wish I could do what Mr. Wilson was able to do in expressing my frustration. I would not have apologized as well. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and what I mean by that how many times was GW disrespected by Pelosi not to standing up when he entered the hall, the dems walking out and many more too long to list.”

“by chiefalex[Sep 10, 2009 7:10:21 AM] So, was it a lie or not? Will Obamacare exclude illegals? Of course not! So he did lie. It may be inappropriate, but it was spot on…………………………….FINALY, SOMEBODY TOLD THE TRUTH IN THE GOV"T!!!!!!!!”

From the ABC News site (where comments were more evenly split, but still in favor of Joe Wilson’s truth)

“It was a spontaneous guttaral outburst of recognized deceit.”

“great i wish more would have done it !!!!!”

We could add more, but it makes little sense since they begin to sound the same on both sides with one difference. There is real support for Joe Wilson, a passion if you will. As one commenter put it, he wished he could have said what Mr. Wilson said. There is no such heat on the other side. Most who write of their dismay over his “disrespect” do so with a phony outrage, Wilson’s outburst celebrated as more of a “gotcha” moment than anything else.

It is a wonder why Wilson’s statement of fact is news in the first place. Is it decorum? Is that what we’re all worried about? Or is it that we live in a fantasy world created by television such that we are supposed to be awed when a president, any president climbs the stairs and speaks to Congress. We are told to think this is history in the making, when it isn’t, it’s just politics, and the more we see of it, the less respect we have for any of its participants, especially Mr. Obama.

Why doesn’t the president submit himself to periodic sessions with Congress in a back and forth exchange similar to what the British Prime Minister does? We know, especially with Obama, that it would be a revelation beyond the mainstream media’s ability to gloss over. He is formidable only when armed with a teleprompter. Without it, he cannot enter the lists to joust.

To watch Margaret Thatcher deal with liberal backbenchers during her tenure is not only a joy, but an incredible learning experience. She not only came prepared, but Mrs. Thatcher took apart her political enemies piece by piece with fact upon fact. There was no shortage of disruptions during those sessions, nor was there a lack of crudity on the part of Members of Parliament who disagreed with her. The same applied to Tony Blair, another master of the art of dialectics. Parry and thrust, it is a wonderful example of political interaction sorely missed in this country.

We let our politicians off the hook all the time, allowing the media, so sadly jaundiced, biased and inept, to ask questions we would never ask. When and if politicians decide to answer, they skirt the question, answer a different question, push their agenda with pat phrases and snippets from practiced sound bites, or otherwise avoid responding with anything resembling candor and honesty. Were we there to call them “liars,” perhaps we could get them to answer straight.

How did the media become middlemen in the relationship we have with our elected representatives in the first place? And how did this idea of “decorum” grow into being just another way for politicians to politely let each other escape the hard questions and more difficult answers with a wink and a nod from the media?

No one ever takes the politicians on, and that is why we, the people are so damn angry. We are forced to be polite while they stick it to us. And though Obama has shown us time and again he lies with the ease of a dictator, we don’t have the opportunity to face him down. Why shouldn’t we have that opportunity? He’s a man with a job, nothing more. He is supposed to stand there and take the heat when we dish it out, even if it is through our elected representative. If he can’t take it, he should remove himself from the kitchen.

That Joe Wilson hit Obama between the eyes for us is important, very important. Decorum and respect aside, when a politician stares us in the face and tells us something we know to be untrue, we should send up a chorus of “You Lie!” It also extends to the Talk Show Stations that mis-understand the difference between a lie and the truth. Those we use to think were conservative are now being viewed as sitting on the fence and have bowed to the pressures of their bosses...I heard this this morning on a station I listen to, the comment made was Obama was right about not giving illegals Health Care, the person who stated this had no idea what he was saying and did not read the bill...mis-information was given as fact...One quickly loses confidence when stupidity and lies are subsitituded for accurate information.

My station, KNST, The Jim Parisi Show got the information wrong and sided with Obama on the illegal Health Care provision. Once a credible conservative station and show has now become a fence sitter and a venue for mis-information because they no longer do their homework and fear going against the powers to be. We MUST keep these people's feet to the fire and make sure the information given out is accurate and not biased. Even when the information is given to correct their mistake they ignore must remember, giving out wrong or mis-information only diminished their credibility and bolsters the opposition. Do not sit on the fence... TELL THEM "YOU LIE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nothing was accomplished by using such language while both houses of Congress were in session. Why didn't Wilson stand by his accusation. It is my understanding that Wilson's opponent received about $100,000.00 after Wilson's performance. It did nothing but discredit the Republican Party which is corrupt as it is and the same goes for the Democratic Party. Both parties are corrupt.
A lot was accomplished...someone had the brass to point his finger at that liar and tell him so...Wilson did stand by his accusation and read the part where illegals will get Health Care...

You are entitled to your opinion of course and I do not give a Rats Rump which party was discredited. As for corruption, yes both parties have their problems...again I care less about that but do care that Obama was called out and that shook the messiah...

By the way, Wilson made $200,000 in donations that same day...that is an accomplishment, hands down!!!! I and many others enjoyed the outburst and I pray there will be more and more.


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