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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

There are many exciting things coming up in the near future for PHN. In the meantime, if you would not mind, please complete the attached member survey and email it to

If you cannot open excel, post a comment and I will put it in another form for you.

Those who want to volunteer, please sign up in the Volunteer group at and get ready for some exciting developments.


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Just sent to your email.
Sorry I can't do the excel thingy. I need a different format...Please!
No excel for me. Simple text will do. I don't use word or excel or any other Microsoft office utility, i use Works just as good and is free, but cannot open excel. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Maybe it's my lack of intellect but, as a "newbe" I'm finding it difficult to to get around this web site. Ex: I just clicked on a link that was supposed to allow me to respond to a poll. Instead I'm here.

This brings to mind another concern: Recently I signed with another patriotic group(912's). My problem is that with so many groups of patriotic people are we not fractionating our efforts? Would it not be better to have one unified organization and one, or a panel of, leaders?
Yes, willing to email, call about critical matters, as I do now. Willing to help organize an event in my area. July 4th is too soon for Tea Party, and Salute to Troops is already planned (cannot combine). Tried to save my answers to survey and attach, but didn't work. Linda Yates 931-707-7339 (don't know my Patriots Heart Member #)
If all is nothing. Will get posted on spreadsheet, per your comment. If anything else you want to put in, then email to the address above.
I always just have to use as attachment on my email. You can always just copy and paste nto can be copied all at once. Then send to the above email address listed in post
sent to you. let me know if u did not get.
Sent to you, let me know if u do not get.
Sent to you. Let me know if you do not receive.
Not sure about the poll and why it did that. I will go check.

You are right about everyone needing to work together. Patriot's Heart is not just another group. It is radio shows, it is live broadcasts, and it is us working with other groups to get the message out. I know admin of PHN are trying to do a new website so please forgive any inconvenience you have experienced. In the near future, you will see it all come together.
your id, is just how your listed on here. which is Linda Yates. You can always just copy and paste into message.



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