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Update: We continue to wait for Carl to return with confirmation. He does not want to reveal until final confirmation is made. Chalice will be back live as soon as Carl calls. This should be within the hour.

Chalice with Carl Swensson will reveal the document that is being taken to Washington, DC. The truth about Obama is revealed? We hope.

Carl is saying it is a game changer. Will be able to confirm within the hour. We have to be patient but hopefully in the next hour the info will be revealed.


We will wait for the news. Hope you will.

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It is now 4:00 PM EST and the call has yet to come.Although I know what this is about I must caution all to be patient. People involved must be prudent in the release of this information as it affects their lives directly. Like I've said previously, we may have to wait until the visit to Washington but I was called late this morning and told to wait for the call to release this. I am starting to get a little worried at this point...

Hi Carl,

Just wondering if we will get the news today. It is now 5:46 EST.
What ever this "news" is, we will hear about it sooner or latter...Carl has just hinted it might not be available till Monday when they go to Washington. I have learned a long time ago not to be "hopeful" on any level, about anything, then you will not be disappointed.
the papers you speak of? an actual BC? Or another forgery? What is this update concerning? I was offline and missed all of the info. will someone educate me please and get me up to date
Thanks Carl. We appreciate all you are doing.

Yes, please everyone let's not put this out there without hearing from Carl. Pray for the safety of all.
We have no info as to what
Please email me with the news
Jeannie, Still delayed. Carl will be on the show with Gerry tonight
For your information, Barack Obama was indicted by a federal grand jury several weeks ago. He was found guilty in about 15 charges that were made against him. This information was given to Eric Holder weeks ago and he will not followup on this indictment.


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