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Patriot's Heart Network is on the move in 2013!

While I do not want to announce all of the changes now, let me tease... We will resume broadcasting in 2013...

Today, I brought back the Forum.  About a year go, we closed the Ning forum while experimenting with other forum posting boards. Proven through time, Ning's platform remains the best format for our community,so we are going to focus on growing our community solely within Ning's platform. 

The forum returns with new categories, ready to be populated.  Your suggestions for additions are always welcome!

One point I want to make.  As an active poster on Facebook, I really do not like Facebook's treatment of conservative members. I feel it is important to have our own community. 

Patriot's Heart Network proudly holds itself as one of original participants in the TEA Party movement.   We have a special place in history as the media outlet that broadcast the original TEA Party organizational meetings! 

In 2013, our community will be breaking ground again.

Note: Our front page, has been offline as we  work to integrate Ning, Joomla, and WordPress.  Look for us to launch with a new look in March.

Lots of changes in the works...

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