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Where are our Christian leaders these days ? They seem strangely quiet. During the revolution for our independents it was the pastors and Christian leaders that motivated the people to fight for our independents and our freedom. I don't know maybe I wrong.

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You are correct---the pastors and Christian leaders of the day led the way for the freedoms we have enjoyed in our nation.

I think many pastors are either scared to say anything because: they don't want to step on toes; they don't want to offend; they are afraid the government will come after them through the IRS.
The other reason is that they are just doing their own thing: some are wrapped up in numbers and filling the pews; some are looking to build bigger and better facilities to draw people in, thereby increasing membership.
There are a few who are taking the fight and going with it. I am proud of my own pastor for he is fearless and speaks his mind.
Weren't the Christian pastors in Europe and America silent when Hitler was doing his "thang"??


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