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All PHN shows are archived on the BlogTalkRadio site, where they can be replayed by anyone. If there is a major problem with the show, such as 10 minutes of dead air due to a technical problem, it is possible to replace the audio with an edited version. Here is how that is done.

1. Download the archived mp3 file to your computer.

2. The mp3 must be edited by someone with audio processing software. This can be done by VirginiaGent, Ray Becker, David Hill, or others. There is safe, free Windows software available to do this called Audacity from

3. The mp3 file must not exceed the BTR size limit, which is somewhere around 100M. I have found that there is freeware called WinMP3Shrink that works for this purpose. It can reduce the size (and audio quality, which is OK for BTR) of the mp3, if it is too large after being exported from the audio software package.

4. Upload the mp3 file to the BTR "MySwitchboard". Give it a name which includes the broadcast date and the BTR episode number.

5. Send an email to BTR Support person John Sweet ( and CC: Chalice. The email should request that the archived file be replaced by the file on the switchboard. Here is some sample text for the email request:

This is a request for an audio file swap. It is for an edited version of the audio for one of yesterday's (4/5/09) shows called "The Chalice Show" (show ID [481585]). The new file is on user "PatriotsHeart" MySwitchboard, and is titled "4/5/09 Episode [481585] The Chalice Show Edited ".

Please send a confirmation reply when the swap had been completed. Thank you very much.

That's all there is to it. BTR usually completes the swap within a couple of hours.


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