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My name is CJ in real life. I am an elder in a Presbyterian church and Chair of that church's Fellowship Committee. I love organizing large events where people come together in fellowship and fun. Lots of good food is part of most fellowship gatherings at the Presbyterian church! My favorite part is to take about 5 minutes during the event (from a vantage point where I can see everyone) and take in their smiles and laughter. There is no better feeling in the world than to see all of the people you love having a great time and knowing that God used me to play a part in making it happen and to thank God for that moment! In these special moments, I often have to hide because seeing these wonderful people congregate and interact with so much happiness makes me cry, but they are tears of joy,

I went to nursing school but never practiced nursing. I started nursing school to become a midwife. In Tennessee where I was living, and well in to my schooling, they made a law requiring four years internship with a doctor to be a licensed midwife. There were not many willing doctors, plus if you have to do all of that, why not just go to medical school? I had wanted to work in the back country of Tennessee and buy a small farm. I have had the honor of assisting in several births. My schooling did not all go to waste, though.

I have found a several rewarding places to use my nurses training. For one, I have put it to use in animal rescue where I am an intensive care nurse for itty-bitty baby kitties. I get babies that have no mommy cat and bottle feed or tube feed them and get them over any illness and ready for adoption. I have probably been mommy to several hundred. There are times when I have gotten just one kitty, or lost all of the litter to illness except one, and that is why I have so many cats myself. When you have just one bottle baby, you become their whole world and they become very bonded with you. I have 6 cats in my house, an old dog I just adopted, and 2 cats with leukemia in my pottery studio which is behind my house. The leukemia cats adopted me and they were not sick yet (I had 4 up until a few months ago). They were not adoptable due to their illness and stay confined to my studio as not to spread the disease.

I just had to have my old dog of seventeen years put down and was not in the market for another dog. The director of the rescue group I work with lives across the street from me and asked me to go walk this dog for her several times a day. She had him in a crate. She told me he was from a puppy mill and had been breeder stock. I could not put him back in the crate when I heard that! He had lived in a cage all of his life and never known love nor had he been trained or housebroken. I am not a very good dog mom as we don't seem to be catching on to the house training thing. It's a good thing my whole house is tiled! Sammy is a good dog though and became very bonded with me very quickly and I don't have the heart to put him up for adoption, so I guess we're stuck with each other. If I am ever on the air and you hear a dog bark, it means my husband just walked into my office and Sammy does not want him in here.

The other place I have found to use my training is in the field of Alternative Medicine, especially homeopathy, nutrition, and herbology. I find that I have a bit of an advantage over most people starting out due to my nursing background. I have taken several courses and find it very fascinating. This part of me is still very much under development. There is so much to learn. I also have the advantage of one of my best friends being a Doctor of Naturopathy. I am hoping to continue my studies in these fields.

I took pottery classes for about 7 years but in the past 3 years have not done much with it. When I was elected to be an elder on session, something had to give, so I gave up my pottery for a while. I thought I would take it up again when I rolled off of session, which just happened, but then I had got involved in the political scene (I was even a poll worker this past election). It looks like pottery is still "on hold" until the Usurper is forced to resign and all those horrid Bills, Acts and EOs that he signed that will keep us in debt for generations and destroy our fair country are declared "null and void". Also, I was not counting on remaining as chair of the Fellowship. I trust I have been given the guidance of the Holy Spirit and that comes to me through my gut feelings and conscience. I am quite sure that I am just where God wants me to be.

I am 53 years old, the eldest of four children. My mother is still with me but my father died eleven years ago. I live in Texas and have lived in Montana (which I do not remember), several cities in Tennessee, several in Florida, 2 years in Trinidad and about 10 years in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I was once-upon-a-time fluent in Spanish. Today I understand most everything said, but do not speak it as well as I once did. I am a business owner in the fields of oilfield services and equipment sales. I have owned several other businesses including a courier service and a catering service. I worked many years in the food and beverage industry for Hyatt Regency and a few other big ones. I have even worked in the construction industry in positions ranging from welder's helper to project manager. I love to cook, garden and sew. I have been married to my one and only husband for 15 years. I have a step daughter and 2 step grandchildren, a boy of 9 years and an 18 month old girl. I am the only grandmother they know and I love them dearly.

I have put just about everything about me on one page--now you do it too so we know more about you! I look forward to reading them all.

*Note to my dear friend Chalice: In nursing school I saw a slide of two live heart cells beating, both in different rhythms. The cells themselves beat! As if that was not amazing enough, when they came together and touched, they synchronized and beat together as one.

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