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Chalice mentioned tonight that she's seeking young hosts for one of the shows. Possible areas of contact:

1. TCOT Action Project Volunteers may know of some leading young Conservatives, who might be interested in hosting their own show on PHN.
2. Young Republicans: www.
4. Young America's Foundation:
Staff Leadership:
Club 100 Activists:

I hope this helps.


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Thank you Tallu. I am so glad you placed this here.
God Bless



Daily Caller

Immigrant Children Paint U.S. Flag For First Lady Melania Trump

A class of detained immigrant children hand painted an American flag for First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to their facility on Thursday. According to Margaret Talev of Bloomberg, “A class of girls at immig facility is signing a large hand painted poster of the US flag … that says ‘Welcome First Lady.'” I can’t take […]

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