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Posting With Tags

When members post on Patriots Heart Network, we have tags that you should use to increase the visibility of your post.  I use the following tags with some frequency.  The use of similar tags allows us to search the tag to bring up past posts.


HASHTAGS # for Waging Political Warfare

#phnm - Patriots Heart Network Media

#tcot - Top Conservatives on Twitter

#tcof - Top Conservatives on Facebook.. We should embace this one!!

#ccot - Christian Conservatives on Twitter

#lnyhbt - let not your heart be troubled ~ This is Shawn Hannity's tag. He follows it closely and responds. Liberals also follow it as well

#sayfie - Geared toward Florida Politics, A KEY Swing State

#twisters - Tag started by a Group of Conservative Women

#sgp - Smart Girl Politics

#Tlot - Top Libertarians on Twitter

#ocra - Organized Christian Resistance Alliance

#gop - Grand Ole' Party

#teaparty Taxed Enough Already Party

#TPP - Tea Party Patriots

#tiot - Top Independent on Twitter




@HRClinton - Hillary

#tpot - Top Progressives on Twitter



#P3 Progressives intend this to be a "Conservative Troll Free Zone" Just sayingI say we ruin their day.

#topprog - Top Progressives

#MedicareorBust - Democrat/Progressive candidates are using it to demand Republicans "save" Medicare but I think we can still that tag with Ryans Plan










Daily Caller

Catholic Church Vandalized With Pro-Abortion Graffiti

'The first half of mass was me crying'

American Indians Have An Unexpected Champion At The Supreme Court

Gorsuch has broken with conservatives twice in American Indian treaty cases

Amash Defends Trump Impeachment Claims Amid GOP Backlash

'There were many crimes revealed by the investigation'

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