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Posting With Tags

When members post on Patriots Heart Network, we have tags that you should use to increase the visibility of your post.  I use the following tags with some frequency.  The use of similar tags allows us to search the tag to bring up past posts.


HASHTAGS # for Waging Political Warfare

#phnm - Patriots Heart Network Media

#tcot - Top Conservatives on Twitter

#tcof - Top Conservatives on Facebook.. We should embace this one!!

#ccot - Christian Conservatives on Twitter

#lnyhbt - let not your heart be troubled ~ This is Shawn Hannity's tag. He follows it closely and responds. Liberals also follow it as well

#sayfie - Geared toward Florida Politics, A KEY Swing State

#twisters - Tag started by a Group of Conservative Women

#sgp - Smart Girl Politics

#Tlot - Top Libertarians on Twitter

#ocra - Organized Christian Resistance Alliance

#gop - Grand Ole' Party

#teaparty Taxed Enough Already Party

#TPP - Tea Party Patriots

#tiot - Top Independent on Twitter




@HRClinton - Hillary

#tpot - Top Progressives on Twitter



#P3 Progressives intend this to be a "Conservative Troll Free Zone" Just sayingI say we ruin their day.

#topprog - Top Progressives

#MedicareorBust - Democrat/Progressive candidates are using it to demand Republicans "save" Medicare but I think we can still that tag with Ryans Plan










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Not to pelosi

Posted by Leslie F Jones on January 16, 2020 at 7:12am 0 Comments


Posted by Leslie F Jones on January 13, 2020 at 9:03pm 2 Comments

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