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What is Pure American?

What’s more American than the Second Amendment? Nothing, except maybe apple pie and baseball, and that’s exactly the message one firearms accessory company is trying to convey on their new billboard.

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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on January 26, 2014 at 10:42pm

An armed populace is the mortal fear of tyrants.

I have fired the M-16 rifle many times.  I always enjoyed it.  I have earned Expert with it by Air Force and Army Standards.

And as much as "assault weapons" are demonized by the left, so few are used to commit crimes.  The latest mall shooting it wasn't an "assault weapon" that was used, it was a shotgun.  So are the idiots on the left now going to attack shotguns?  I wouldn't put it past them!

A shot gun is the better weapon for home defense.  The "RACK" of a pump shotgun chambering a round is an international language for "you in trouble now sucka!"  When the bad guy stares down the barrel of a 12 gauge, it looks about 5 inches in diameter.  The bad guy also knows you don't need to be an expert shot to do great damage with it!  It doesn't matter if the load is a deer slug, buck shot, or even bird shot, it will hurt! 

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