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Mike Miller
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  • Lenoir, NC
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Posted on November 20, 2009 at 5:03pm 0 Comments

After being aware of the NWO for over 30 years I feel feel a little embarrassed that I was not "Prepared" for the economic tsunami that is upon us. The last several years have been like a poker game I've been playing, hoping to get a decent hand. Like so many other small business owners...the decent hand was never dealt. At 57 years old I find myself now treading water and avoiding bill collectors. Regardless of what you hear on mainstream media about the miraculious recovery... we are in… Continue

Money Bomb...BOMBS

Posted on October 20, 2009 at 10:53pm 2 Comments

PHN Members:

After doing several shows with Chalice and posting numerous "blogs" and "discussions" on the money bomb which ended last night it seems folks are not as concerned about the future of America as I thought. Only a few hundred dollars were raised. I can hear the excuses..."I didn't know about it" "What difference could it make" "Times are too hard to donate" etc etc.........We can only make a difference if we act, and sometimes that means putting a cup of water in our soup.… Continue


Posted on October 17, 2009 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

"He [the President-elect] can give new impetus to American foreign policy ... I think that his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a 'new world order' can be created. It's a great opportunity. It isn't such a crisis."

Henry Kissinger (Trilateralist, Bilderberger and CFR) interviewed by CNBC on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange responding to a question about President-elect Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) first actions as… Continue


Posted on October 13, 2009 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

Fellow PHN members:

We have launched a Money Bomb for this great network. It was announced last night on the Chalice Show. I don't believe any of us realize the sacrifices that Chalice has made to give us this forum of information and truth. It no longer takes a genius to figure out that America is quickly going into a cesspool of Socialism and poverty. I for one believe this is being done my design. Mark Twain made some interesting comments many years ago:

"Sometimes I… Continue

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At 2:38am on October 26, 2009, Mary Sizemore said…
OMG, that IS what they're saying! He IS thanking satan!

As for Fall of a Republic, I posted that on my Facebook page so expect to get booted from there any day now, it's been deemed "offensive". As of this afternoon, though, it was still up and watchable from there.

Now, to bed!
At 12:43am on October 20, 2009, Mary Sizemore said…
Good for you, Mike, I hope you did shame them, they are shameful! I didn't catch the show but I'm sure it was good. I see by the "thermometer" someone else contributed. I'm praying it's not up to date and that more will come in, even after the deadline (oops, that was 29 minutes ago here). I did quit a couple of the sites that are all just hot air anyway, thinking talking in and of itself is going to help in any way. I've got better things to do with my time than stay with that sort. God will provide a way to keep this site up and running, keep the broadcasts going. You and I will just keep on keeping on, finding innovative ways to support our households, praying diligently for God's guidance and favor. You'll find a job, I'll find someone to buy some tools and furniture, we'll keep eating and a roof over our heads by God's grace. God's true children will survive, even if not on this earth at least throughout eternity with Him.

By the way, my ultra sound tests were wrong, the CT Angiogram showed no blockage whatsoever, so I'm not, at least for the time being, a stroke waiting to happen. At least not from that. God is good, God is merciful, God has a greater plan for me that He'll reveal in His own good time. If that weren't true, I wouldn't still be here. And He'll give me the strength, courage and means to fulfill that plan, whatever it may be, I have no doubt of that.

Stay strong in the Lord, my friend, my prayers are with you and your family. May God richly bless you!

At 9:08am on October 19, 2009, Mary Sizemore said…
Good morning, Mike, I woke up renewed today after spending last night in prayer. As a true patriot I will continue on in our rightous fight. As a true born again child of God I will continue on in our rightous fight. As a true citizen of this once great nation I will continue on in our rightous fight. I don't relish the thought of eating dandelions, pine needles, kudzu, or living on the run, but I will thank God for providing for me. It no longer matters about Gary's guitar, God gave him a new one for His band. I've got memories no one can take from me, ever. If this site is meant to stay up, God will provide. is where you'll find me so long as Obummer doesn't cut off the entire internet, well, so long as I can pay for my having connection to the internet anyway. Otherwise, you'll find me in prayer with you. God bless you, my friend, don't ever let discouragement sway you from your true cause, spreading the gospel of Christ and praising God.
At 9:00pm on October 18, 2009, Mary Sizemore said…
Thank you, Mike. I cried as I let that guitar go, I cried while I wrote to you, and now I'm crying again thinking about the loss, all for nothing it seems. I'm "new" to the "organized" resistance, I thought for years I was just a voice in the wilderness, too, until I stumbled across ResistNet and then got to all the others. I'm just so disappointed. God help those of us who will see to it we don't end up in Fema camps, unless they want to drag corpses there. And I'll make sure I take a couple with me before they turn me into fly food. By the way, because you stepped forward with the "money bomb" idea, I featured you! One of the perks of having administrator rights! I forgot to mention, at least I've still got my husband's ponytail, I did cut that off before they wheeled him out, so I do have something of him, just not the most important thing (short of me and his children) he had. You enjoy your movie, calm down, I'll try to calm down and we'll see what happens between now and Tuesday. God works in mysterious ways, and if we're meant to stay here and fight, He'll provide.
At 12:29pm on October 17, 2009, Mamacooks said…
Hello Mike,
You have been doing a great work. I know that God is at work in this place. I am trusting Him to provide what we need. Thank you. I have sent a letter to Mary. She has also been working hard in our community for a long time. She is a wonderful Patriot! PS her husband's death and the loss of his SS is why she lost half of her income.. not the $100. Just wanted to clarify that a bit. God bless.
At 11:56pm on October 14, 2009, Jani said…
Thank you Mike!
I try to impress upon the listeners that without
Blog Talk and Patriots Heart we cannot march
forward in the quest to save our nation.

I was in a different chat last night and saw
where someone said " all this radio stuff and
donation stuff is not going to save us' but I
don't for a moment believe that.

I know we are up against something huge
and ugly, unlike anything we have ever
witnessed before. And while it is true,they
government have all OUR money to get their
dirty little things done - we are all desperately
trying to get things done - always keeping the
Constitution alive and in tact and by acting
peacefully and accordingly. The government
can never ever claim 'rights' to that.

I continue to donate when I can as well as lend
a hand in other areas. I'm certainly not an expert
at this - but most of us that got involved aren't
either - so if we make mistakes, we learn from
one another.

I actually don't have the time for a yard sale
as I am taking care of a hospice patient in my
home, but I am going to be putting some items
on Craig's list and that money will go to PHN.

Thank you Mike for all that you do.

God Bless!

At 3:35pm on October 14, 2009, Michael Amico said…
Thanks Mike don't know who you are but thanks.
At 5:53pm on October 13, 2009, Jani said…
Hello Mike,

I heard you on Blog Talk last night. Excellent
show and wonderful ideas with the money bomb.
I have been a near regualr contributor and will
continue to be. Thanks for your wonderful music
and inspiration. With America in peril, I don't see
how anyone cannot 'contribute' while we still have
some time.

God Bless you!


At 12:23am on October 6, 2009, Alfie Hardin said…
Thank you kindly, Sir Mike! Alfie


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