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April 2009 Blog Posts (80)

we have a whimp in the white house

and whimps in congress too. some people want a faree tax i want a flat tax. i want fare trade not free tradee. USA is being taken for a ride other are using that free trrade and hurting the usa.. i want faare trade i rather match tarif to tarif. countries like chimna are forcing american businesses to relocate in china so they will learn technologies to keep in pace with the rest of thee countrries..with all trade inbalance china is building an army and a navy with arican money.achina isnt a… Continue

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Sunday's Quote from 58 yrs. B.C.-- Cicero and Saving the Republic

To find out more about Cicero's impact on the Founding of our country, read "The 5000 Year Leap"!!

History is reapeating itself.


"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly…


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Michigan FairTax Meeting

The meeting of Michigan FairTax , in Grand Rapids, Mi on 4-1-09, was to coordinate where , when and how to get the word out to citizens of Michigan, this is a proposal that we would like to Re-submit on the 2010 , this had been proposed on before, but lacked funding and imformation to the public, of what the benifits would be..We will be at the Lansing. Mi. Tea Party on the 15th to distribute litature, and get people to sign up to have a meeting. This will be for those in the districts in… Continue

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we the people muat stand for right

we the preesObama says we the people are arrogant or arrogance! what school did he go to or is he from another plant.we faught two worlfd wars in europe. then presidentHarryu S. Truman passed the marshall plan to rebuild europe and Japan too. he has the balls to call amerrica arrogant or arrrogance. i wonder what he been reeading. just have a high school education and i know moore cons6titutioal law then he forgot about.i like know where in the constitution gives him the right to fir Rick… Continue

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Lloyd Marcus will be our guest Friday Night on the Pipeline!

Don't miss our interview Friday night 10 pm eastern…


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Will bills give Obama control of Internet? SB 773 & 778... hit the phones on Monday folks!

Proposed new powers called 'drastic federal intervention'


Posted: April 04, 2009

10:35 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Sen. John "Jay" Rockefeller, D-W.V.

A pair of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry and even… Continue

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The Words of Our Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams Saturday

"A general dissolution of the principles and manners will more surely over throw the liberties of Americathan the whole force of the common enemy...While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued;but once they lose their virtue,they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader... If virtue…

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Then and Now Part I

Recently, I completed my comps exam and in this exam there were couple of questions which required students to compare and contrast two different things. I thought I would try the same here.

Disclaimer: While I have a BA in history I do not claim to be an expert and much of this will be coming from memory. Consider this series as a challenge to you to dig out the history books and find out for yourself. After all, that is exactly what we need to be doing as United States… Continue

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Hymn to Hitler

The following is a message I received in November of last year and posted to my FaceBook account. I thought I would post it here as it seems to be coming true.

The following is something I received as an email not too long ago and I felt it is important enough to share here.

Hymn to Hitler


Lori Kalner

In Germany, when Hitler came to power, it was a time of terrible financial depression. Money was worth nothing. In Germany people lost homes and jobs,… Continue

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Alone we may be just a drop in the bucket and each of our groups could be making a splash—

but together we can be a


Jacquerie, strategist of Wake up America Movement

will present ways that Talk Radio can bring Truth in Media

to a whole new…

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The Words of Our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin Fridays

"... as all history informs us, there has been in every State & Kingdom a constant kind of warfare between the governing & governed: the one striving to obtain more for its support, and the other to pay less. And this has alone occasioned great convulsions, actual civil wars, ending either in…

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Patriot's Pipeline Update

Our guest for the show have changed. Our first guest will be Ken Emanuelson from Dallas Texas. Ken is one of the organizers for the Dallas Tea Party and our conversation will revolve arount this point. Our second guest will be General Jim Cash talking about his latest essay "AMERICA’S NEW ANTHEM -----“WHAT HAVE WE DONE”

Pleas join us as we talk about what "We The People" can do to save this nation from… Continue

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Be a Patriotic Consumer & Boycott Our Worst Enemy…China!!! Red Stickers to Protest and Identify!!! Don’t Support Third Party Terrorist With Your Hard Earned Cash!!!

Let me explain; I don’t hate, or even dislike the people of China, or the great heritage they have, but we can no longer ignore the actions of a communist government that is continually supporting and emboldening the terrorist and American hating nations that would love to see us all dead. They’re supplying the food, the Fuel, and the weapons to countries like North Korea, Syria, and Iran. These countries in turn supply weapons, and technology to terrorist groups like Hamas, Al Quida, Taliban,… Continue

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A good promotional tool for us to use

Good evening fellow Patriot's. I just found a great tool for all of our shows and projects. It a "Free" press release service.

I highly recommend each of our Host's create a press release for every show. This gets good hits on Google and other search engines and will help drive listeners to our shows.

Here is the one I just did for tomorrow nights Pipeline… Continue

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USA Today Poll - 2nd Amendment question

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Founding Fathers Cry Radio Show. April 2, 3009


Founding Fathers’ Cry is reaching into the blog talk radio sphere to raise awareness on ways to bring our Country back to prosperity. Our goal is to help inform our listeners and fellow patriots so they will be armed with one of the most powerful tools… knowledge. The next show is Thursday, April the 2nd from 8pm to 10 pm CST on the Patriot's Heart Broadcasting Network. The website url for the show… Continue

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A open letter to Sheriffs of the Nation

I urge you to read the "Open letter to the Sheriffs of the nation", if you agree, distribute anywhere you may deem to be useful. Organizational platforms, political organizations, home school organizations, churches, etc. can get it out much faster and more efficiently. If you have a idea to facilitate distribution please try it. In addition, please participate in this effort on a personal level, family, friends, everyone makes a difference. This WILL WORK!

Please get as many signatures as… Continue

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The Words of Our Founding Fathers, George Washington Wednesdays

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest prop of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious… Continue

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Patriot's Pipeline Now has a companion Blog for our listeners!

I just launched the Patriot's Pipeline Blog at
Follow what has and will happen on the Pipeline show.

See ya Friday Night!
David and Melissa

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Patriot's Pipeline Update

There has been a schedule update for Friday night. Lloyd Marcus has rescheduled for Friday April 10th. In his place this Friday we will have Mr. Ken Emanuelson from Dallas Texas. He is working on the Dallas Tea Party and is also a promoter of our 2nd Amendment rights. This will be a great show with Michael Johns coming in for the second Hour.
Tune in from 10 to midnight on Friday.

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