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Tax Day Tea Party Pics!!!

Are we allowed to say I'm proud to be a "domestic terrorist" according to the DHS definition?

I went to my Tax Day Tea Party Protest... and I'm willing to admit it!!!


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Still in a state of euphoria two and a half hours later!

I've got my pics posted on our site and our shutterfly site.

Ron Paul was at our rally!!! Tee-hee... part of the euphoria!

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Our Founding Fathers' Cry: Mid-April Newsletter


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Find your Tea Party Group!!!

I just came across another good site for listing Rallies: The Tea Party & Revolution

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Harold and Kumar go to the White House

Harold and Kumar thread

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4 Officers murdered in cold blood - visit article

I need some support guys. The article is about the current story in Oakland where a criminal murdered four officers. The Radical Liberals would like to blame the officers and the PD for their deaths in support of the criminal. They are justifying the criminal's actions. I need some supportive commentary!

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