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Tax Day Tea Party Pics!!!

Are we allowed to say I'm proud to be a "domestic terrorist" according to the DHS definition?

I went to my Tax Day Tea Party Protest... and I'm willing to admit it!!!


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Still in a state of euphoria two and a half hours later!

I've got my pics posted on our site and our shutterfly site.

Ron Paul was at our rally!!! Tee-hee... part of the euphoria!

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Our Founding Fathers' Cry: Mid-April Newsletter


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Find your Tea Party Group!!!

I just came across another good site for listing Rallies: The Tea Party & Revolution

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Harold and Kumar go to the White House

Harold and Kumar thread

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4 Officers murdered in cold blood - visit article

I need some support guys. The article is about the current story in Oakland where a criminal murdered four officers. The Radical Liberals would like to blame the officers and the PD for their deaths in support of the criminal. They are justifying the criminal's actions. I need some supportive commentary!

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Daily Caller

New York County Clerk Is Refusing To Give Driver’s Licenses To Illegals, Despite New Law

Erie County Clerk Michael “Mickey” Kearns said he will not issue licenses to illegal aliens in defiance of a new New York Law, according to a local New York outlet. New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the Green Light Bill Monday, which allows illegals to obtain driver’s licenses, WIVB4 reports. Kearns adamantly […]

House Approves Bill Re-Authorizing The Hotly Contested Hyde Amendment

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