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Initiative 594 rally and protest

I did attend the rally In Olympia. Having never been to one of these before, I was a bit unsure what to expect. What I found was a crowd of absolutely normal people. Granted very nearly all of them were packing weaponry, ranging from one guy with a sword to the latest in the AR platform and everything in between. My choice to carry at this event was an M1 carbine. There was much handing back forth of these weapons as well as some selling and buying, all in plain sight. Other than the…


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More I 594 Fun

More I 594 fun

Another rally set for Jan 15…


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Initiative 594

Full text (all 18 pages) of our wonderful new law in Washington state

And please note the definition of the word Transfer and firearm

This law was touted to close a so called gun show loophole where one could buy firearms with no back ground checks (private face to face sales).   This law goes just a bit beyond what was…


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