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Surprise outcome for Iowa 4-H LGBT coup

By David Kupelian

After a major campaign to impose controversial LGBTQ policies on the state’s 4-H youth program – including the admission of biological males into female restrooms, locker rooms, showers and overnight accommodations, as well as mandatory use of exotic transgender pronouns – those in charge of Iowa’s 4-H program now say they will not be adopting the transgender guidelines after all.

The dramatic turnaround comes after Christian public-interest law firm Liberty…


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McCain urged to leave office now

Only days after a poll revealed that many voters believe Sen. John McCain’s work is over, and that he should leave office now so a successor can be chosen by voters later this year, a political action committee has issued a call for him to do just that.

Officials with Americans for Legal Immigration PAC say the longtime senator and onetime presidential candidate should leave “instead of trying to hang on to his power and influence from his deathbed when it is clear he is no longer of…


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Still Not Over It: Hillary Taunts Trump by Donning Russian Hat

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton donned a Russian fur hat Sunday and took a very public swipe at President Donald J. Trump over accusations his campaign worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election outcome.

Speaking to Yale students at Class Day, she honoured a university tradition of donning unusual headware by displaying a traditional Russian ushanka hat as she delivered a public shot at her vanquisher.

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” Clinton quipped to…


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Obama’s Education Secretary: Pull Kids Out of School Until Gun Laws Change

BY: Conor Beck

Arne Duncan, who served as secretary of education under former President Barack Obama, on Friday proposed that parents pull their children out of school until elected officials enact tougher gun-control laws, calling the idea "brilliant."

Duncan's tweet came hours after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, left 10 people dead and another 10 wounded. The former education chief, who served in the role from 2009 through 2015, responded to a tweet from another…


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School board stunner: There is no 'biological sex'

By Bob Unruh

In an apparent competition among American public school boards to see which sex-education program can be made the most graphic and politically correct, there’s likely a new leader.

In a stunning development, the Fairfax County School Board in Northern Virginia is considering teaching children there is no such thing as “biological sex” and also that “clergy” are not to be trusted if students have questions.

Within just the past few weeks, WND has reported on the…


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MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance: Veterans Who Love Trump Aren’t ‘Honorable’

by Trent Baker

Saturday on “AM Joy,” MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance denounced the honor of military veterans who support President Donald Trump because of his prior comments regarding Senator John McCain (R-AZ) being a prisoner of war while he “hid” from the draft.

“These military people love him, alright? And I’m going to just come right out and say it — not honorable military veterans, because an honorable military veteran, if they had heard this story, would have said,…


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Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!

By Victor Skinner

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear any talk about making America great, especially if it’s coming from a straight white man.

Waters went off the rails at a recent House debate when Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly had the audacity to suggest the country needed to shift focus from what divides to what unites.

“We are trying to make sure we are making America great every day in every way and the best way to do that is to stop stalking…


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Sanders Introduces Legislation to End State ‘Right-to-Work’ Laws

Bill would strengthen the power of organized labor.

BY: Haris Alic

Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) filed legislation Wednesday that would significantly strengthen the power of organized labor.

Sanders, along with senators Cory Booker (D., N.J.), Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.), among others, introduced the Workplace Democracy Act, which would make it easier for workers to unionize and enter into contractual negotiations with employers.



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Analysis: California Solar Panel Mandate Lowers Emissions by 0.32%

Adds $12,000 to cost of every home.

BY: Elizabeth Harrington

California will mandate solar panels on new homes out of concern for climate change, a policy that will raise prices in the most expensive home market in the country and does little to decrease the state's carbon footprint.

The five-member board of the California Energy Commission unanimously issued an edict Wednesday requiring all new homes to either be installed with solar panels or share solar power in a group…


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'Come on, man!': Judge rebukes Mueller for targeting Trump

Posted By Art Moore

WASHINGTON – FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies during a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee July 26, 2007 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The hearing was held to examine whether the FBI have misused their power. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

As rumors of Robert Mueller’s intent to subpoena President Trump swirled in Washington, word came Friday of a federal judge’s sharp rebuke of the special counsel for broadening the investigation beyond…


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The Media Is Killing the Democratic Party

Column: The Democratic message has been reduced to Russia and Stormy Daniels.

BY: Matthew Continetti

Ever since April 30, when the New York Times published a list of topics that special counsel Robert Mueller would like to ask President Trump about, cable news and the political press have focused exclusively on the two major legal matters in which the president is entangled.

First, of course, is Mueller's open-ended probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Second…


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President sets up White House faith initiative

Posted By Bob Unruh

On the National Day of Prayer one year ago, President Trump issued an order to protect religious expression throughout the federal government, and a Family Research Council analysis has confirmed the positive impact, including allowing charities and other groups to provide up to 13.7 million people with health care or other services.

Now the president has gone a step further, signing a new executive order Thursday during the 2018 National Day of Prayer event at…


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Conservative Leaders Coalesce To Cry Foul Over Social Media Censorship

Eric Lieberman

Tech and Law Reporter

More than 60 conservative leaders, some more prominent than others, published a joint statement Tuesday arguing big tech companies need to do more to ensure people aren’t being unduly silenced for their ideological viewpoints.

“Social media censorship and online restriction of conservatives and their organizations have reached a crisis level,” the message reads. “Conservative leaders now have banded together to call for equal…


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Angela Box: What Did the Media Know, and How Long Have They Known It?

By Angela Box

Our fully compromised, far-left media, who this week hyperventilated over the fact that Sean Hannity used President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen on a real estate matter, has for over a year gone out of its way to completely avoid the subjects of actual collusion.

They are instead still focused on non-collusion between Trump and Russia, and now their obsession with a porn star who recently composed a sketch of a man she claimed threatened her — who looks an…


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MDP Stacking the Deck

As written before, this weekend’s “endorsement convention” was nothing more than a political stunt the Michigan Democrats used to hand pick and rig the system in favor of the party’s preferred candidates. MDP strong-armed the candidates into pledging not to continue to campaign and adhere to the choice made at this “endorsement convention.” Dillon went as far as threatening to blacklist the “loser” amongst the Democrat elite should they choose to forego the non-binding decision made by…


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Attack on Syria

By SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

As both an Airman in then West Germany and as a Soldier getting ready to go into Iraq, I trained quite an uncomfortable bit in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) warfare.  What I learned about these weapons is they are nasty, nasty, nasty crap.

Since Syria surely seems to have used chlorine gas and saran nerve agent .  Chlorine was first used during WWI.  It can produce fatal damage to the lungs.  Death can resemble drowning.  That is fluids…


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DNC Vice Chair Calls for REPEAL of 2nd Amendment

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (Dem- New Orleans) made headlines this week when she tweeted: “Repeal the Second Amendment”

So why did a State Senator’s tweet become viral? Because she is also national Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and heads up efforts to promote “civic engagement and voter participation” for the DNC.

Republican Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham was quick to criticize Peterson for her statement. In a series of social media…


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MI GOP Candidate: Facebook Rejected Campaign Announcement as 'Shocking and Disrespectful'

A state senate candidate in Michigan praised federal lawmakers for challenging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on alleged censorship after his own campaign annoucement was blocked.

Aric Nesbitt, of the Grand Rapids area, said he tried to "boost" his online campaign announcement when the social media giant blocked it and sent him a message calling it "shocking and disrespectful material."

Tucker Carlson asked Nesbitt what could have been construed as shocking or…


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Speaker Ryan to Retire!

This is good news for conservatism!

Speaker Ryan has been a weak leader in the House.  He has failed repeatedly to get President Trump's agenda through the House.

The question is who will succeed to be Speaker should the GOP hold the House in November.

We have to get going to keep the Republican control of the House.  If the Democrats get control of the House, it won't be just an impeachment of President Trump.  It will also be impeachment of Vice President Pence.  That…


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Facebook Labels All Breitbart Stories ‘Intentionally Misleading’ with Wikipedia Pop-Up

by Allum Bokhari

Facebook is displaying a link to Wikipedia’s smear-job description of Breitbart News next to all Breitbart articles shared on the site. The linked Wikipedia article describes Breitbart as a “far-right site” that publishes “falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and intentionally misleading stories.”

The social network, which has been under pressure from Democrats and the mainstream media since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, has added a button marked “about this…


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