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Lansing Security Failure Update

It has been a while since I have typed about this.  The issue has not died.  I am doing my best to insure it doesn't. 


I have been talking in person with State Representative Genetski on this.  There is an investigation going on in the State House.  Last night I learned myself and Karen Damvelt probably will be invited to testify about this security disaster in Lansing.  That will be interesting! 


My points will be that many calls for help were ignored by 911,…


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Barry's Unconstitutional Actions Against Weapons

While talking to Representative Genetski and Senator Jones aides on the Lansing security disaster I passed this along.


I asked both to either sponsor or co-sponsor legislation to invalidate all of the Executive Orders Barry implemented against guns today.  This is based on three solid Constitutional principles.


The first is a President ccan never make laws on his/her own.  The President only has the power to sign bills into law that have been passed by…


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Bit More On Lansing Security Failure

Today I called both Representative Genetski and Senator Jones.  The ladies that took the call told me that both are looking into the disaster.  I asked Senator Jone's aide to have the person looking into the disaster to e-mail now and then with updates as to what is going on.  She verified that they have my e-mail address.


So as I learn more, I will post it here.  So stay tuned.

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Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

Below is an article that has just shown up on Drudge.  I am reposting it here both to preserve it and to share.  All I can say it is almost 4 years too late in coming for Usurper Barry Soetoro (aka Obama).  He has never been a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Supreme Court in 1875 in the Minor Case. 


The only problem is our Founding Fathers never anticipated an unqualified person getting past the Electoral College.  So the Constitution is silent on removing a Usurper…


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Militias and the Second Amendment

Amendment II


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security if a free State, the right if the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


What is a militia?  Today's Militias are the Air Force and Army National Guards.  They can be sheriff's posses and reserves.  To be a true militia, it must be under the command and control of an elected official. 


Before WWI, many states had formal Militias.  They were citizens that joined…


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Lansing Security Failure Update

Friday, I got a call from my State Representative Genetski.  Finally, some action.  He agreed that security wasn't what it should be.  He couldn't tell me who was in charge of Security that day or who he works for.


Genetski did tell me that the Mayor of Lansing is a huge union supporter.  So it is logical that he didn't want his police getting involved helping the opposition.  This may explain why the Lansing City Police refused a personal request for help on the 11th.  Still…


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More on Lansing Security Failure

The holidays are over and the state politicians are back at work.  I called both my State Represenative Genetski and State Senator Jones.  It wasn't very good.


I talked to an aide in Genetski's office.  She said she would pass the message along again.  I wonder if this time I will hear anything back.


I talked to an aide in Jones's office.  She at first tried to tell me that security was everywhere.  I reminded her that I was at the AFP Tent and none was seen…


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Three Tragedies

I just got done reading about a tragedy in Ohio.  A minivan was going south in the northbound lane of I-75.  It hit another minivan head on killing four people and leaving a number of children injured.  The four adults were the parents of the children.  The police stated that the minivan going the wrong way reeked of alcohol.  I imagine the police will get a post mortem of the blood alcohol of the driver of the wrong way driver.  It sounds like the result will be higher than the legal…


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My Christmas Wish

I was in the Air Force stationed at Pruem Air Station in West Germany in December, 1980.  This was to be my first Christmas overseas.  We suddenly got deployment orders in mid-December.  Myself, most of my shop, and most of the "Rubber Ducky" where the radar info was put onto the radar consoles were to be packed up.


We deployed to Ramstien Air Base and set up our equipment behind United States Air Force Europe Headquarters Building.  Our mission was to allow the big wigs to…


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Our Usurper and the DD Form 398

A great many of us for a variety of reasons feel the person in the White House is both Constitutionally and by his background unqualified to be President.  Here is one more reason.  This I know personally as I had to do and pass a DD Form 398 background check to qualify for a Top Secret in the Air Force.


It is a pain to fill out.  Here is what happens once you turn that form in.  I am quoting from an article written by an investigator that would take the form to the field and…


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December 22nd and I am still here.

I have just finished reading Drudge and  I can't find any story that the world ended.


So I can only conclude that December 21st was the Mayan's Y2K problem!

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More On Lansing and the Security Disaster

I called my State Senator Jone's office today to see what if anything is going on as to an investigation into the complete security disaster.


I didn't learn anything new.  The aide took my name and contact information and told me the Senator would get back with me.  I will check in after Christmas if I don't hear anything.  That goes for the others I have contacted. 


So far I can't get a hold of my State Represenative Genetski.  The phone goes straight to…


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More On Lansing and the Security Disaster

Things have been very busy with the business and not much has been happening on the investigations into the union, and lets call these few what they are, terrorists and their actions on both Thursday and Tuesday.


Friday, I contacted State Senator Jones office to log my complaint about the total lack of security on the Capitol grounds for Americans For Prosperity.


I have now contacted my State Representative, Senator, the Governor, and the Attorney General.  So…


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More on No Security At The Capitol

I have tried to contact people about the most unreported part of the story yesterday.  So far it seems no one is interested in the total security failure.

I e-mailed this story to Rush and Hannity.  Silence.

I contacted Rep. Genetski's office and learned he is aware of my message.

I contacted Governor Snyder's office.  The ladies first insisted that the police were everywhere.  I told them I was at the AFP tent and not an officer was in sight in any direction.



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Michigan Right To Work - Ground Zero Report

Last Thursday and Yesterday, I was at the Capitol in Lansing helping Americans For Prosperity to get Right To Work passed.  I got a great lesson in Union thuggery and how it works.  That is sad for the Unions.


Thursday, the head of Americans For Prosperity went to speak on the landing of the steps to the Capitol Building.  I responding to the request for people to help insure his safety. 


There was a lot of name calling and fowl language from the unions…


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Liberals Can Be Mean And Nasty

We have all seen it.  If you don't agree with the misinformation they spout, they don't like it.  They really don't. 


They get mean, nasty, and start calling you all sorts of not nice names.  It has happened to us all.


They can't debate you on merit.  They don't like it when we correct them with facts.  They don't like it at all when you tell them their so called heroes really aren't heroes, but slick liars that claim credit for the work of conservatives. …


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I have Not Yet Begun To Fight!

Those famous words were said by Captain John Paul Jones when asked by the British Captian if he would surrender.  It is still true today.


Yes, we lost round one, but the actual votes for President have yet to be cast or counted.  Those are for the Electoral College.  This is our last chance fight.  This is a fight we must fight and win for all Americans.


Barry, AKA Obama, can be disqualified for not being NBC at this level. 


Then by the US…


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Killed Soldier Warned Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Needlessly Endangering Troops

Stories continue to roll in of soldiers who are losing

their lives by fighting a type of warfare we tried in Vietnam to no avail. The

story of Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Sitton is one such example. He was KIA on

August 2, 2012, after spending months warning his superiors and Congress that

the style of warfare he and his men were being forced to undertake was as

pointless as it was dangerous.

On June 4, Sitton wrote Rep. Bill…


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Lybia Questions

We lost not only an Ambassador, but three former Navy Seals.  There seems to be a huge unanswered question.  Why aren't there a large number of dead Lybians?


Navy Seals are trained to be able to kill both with weapons and their hands and feet. 


Were the former Seals unarmed?  If the were armed, were they allowed to use their weapons?  If unarmed, were they ordered not to resist?


If they were armed and/or allowed to resist, there should be a lot…


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