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DHS Bars 'Rude' Dem Staffers From Touring Border

The Department of Homeland Security has banned Democrat staffers from touring the border and the facilities there.

DHS cited the rude and disruptive behavior exhibited by the staffers for the reason for the ban.

According to Town Hall:

According to, staff to Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) will not be able to…


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Gingrich: Obama, Loretta Lynch Knew FBI Was Spying on Trump Campaign

By Trent Baker

Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich argued that it is not “conceivable” for neither former President Barack Obama nor his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to not know the FBI was spying on the Donald Trump campaign.

Gingrich told host John Catsimatidis after the recent release of the Department of Justice’s inspector general report that…


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Trump Dismisses Student Loan Debt for Disabled Veterans

In a move that is certain to be popular politically, President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday granting full forgiveness of student loan debt incurred by permanently disabled U.A. veterans. The order goes further, clearing eligible veterans from any obligation they have to pay income tax on the loans. Trump said in a speech that he was pressuring states to follow his lead and cancel student loan debt taken out on a state-by-state basis.

“The debt of these disabled veterans…


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My Confession About Guns

Wayne Allyn Root

Get ready for my confession.

I'm white, male and Republican. I dislike the government. I believe in the Constitution. I demand a wall to secure our border.

But I'm just getting started. I've watched violent TV shows and movies for my whole life. I don't watch unless it features cops versus bad guys, the military or the mafia.

And I've owned guns for self-defense my entire adult life. I have a concealed weapon permit.…


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Operation George

George Remembrance

I wish to thank all those present for take the time to honor my departed friend and comrade, George Ferrocarril. Thank you!

Duty. Honor. Country.

Those three simple words are the code we all served by. Part of Duty and Honor is we leave no fallen comrade behind. Today, we fulfill that commitment.

George enlisted in the Air Force days before me. We were both at Basic Training at Lackland AFB, Texas. We both were assigned to Griffiss AFB,…


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Most Veterans Say Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Weren't Worth It: Pew Report

By Oriana Pawlyk

A majority of veterans taking part in a new research study says that the cost and burden of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan outweigh any successes or progress made in either conflict.

A Pew Research Center report published Wednesday states that 64% -- or almost two-thirds -- of veterans polled in a new survey said the Iraq war "was not worth fighting," and 58% said the same about the war in…


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Rep. Frederica Wilson Makes Comment Illustrating Why We Own Guns

by Tom Knighton 

Today is Independence Day, a day when we remember who we are as a nation and what we stand for.

OK, most people just cookout and watch things explode in the sky, but some of us tend to think about the important stuff as well. You know what I mean, things like the right to keep and bear arms (naturally) and freedom of speech.…


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Nolte: Democrats Just Had Their Worst Week in 47 Years


Not since the 1972 discovery that George McGovern’s vice presidential pick, Thomas Eagleton, had been hospitalized and given electroshock treatments have the Democrats had a worse week than the one we just concluded.

Because Democrats live on social media and watch CNN, they don’t know this yet…

But they had a catastrophic week — hoo, boy,…


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Joss Whedon: ‘Fascist’ Trump Planning to ‘Take 2020 Election by Armed Force’

 by:  BEN KEW

Marvel movie director Joss Whedon celebrated July 4th with a warning that President Donald Trump is planning to steal the 2020 presidential election “by armed force” with the backing of “illegal militias.”

In a tweet sarcastically celebrating Independence Day, Joss Whedon also claimed that Trump’s “fascist” administration was backed by “illegal militias”…


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O’Rourke: Trump Admin Is ‘Gunning for War in Iran’

BY: Jeffrey Cimmino

Former Texas congressman Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke claimed the Trump administration is "gunning for war in Iran" after the administration pointed to evidence that the Iranians are responsible for a spate of recent attacks on civilian oil tankers.

During an appearance on PBS NewsHour Thursday, O'Rourke would not say whether he believes the U.S. government's assessment of Iran's…


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Democrats constantly overlook conservative solutions to fix our broken health care

By Former Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) and Alfredo Ortiz

Why do Democrats support small businesses grouping together to cut costs on retirement plans but oppose them doing so for health insurance plans?

That's the question small business owners across the country are asking after the Democrats passed significant retirement legislation last month that allows small businesses to band together in association…


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Oh, So That's Why The 'Glaciers Will Be Gone In 2020' Sign Has Been Removed At A National Park


By Matt Vespa

They’re wrong about everything. This applies to the wider liberal media, but it especially applies to the environmental Left that has been preaching doomsday since Earth Day was created. The appalling condescension from this crew, despite peddling straight trash for years is exceedingly entertaining. It’s great because you know what the ending is—these folks eating it…hard. We had global…


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In Heavy-Handed Purge of Nazi Videos, YouTube is Deleting WWII Educational Videos Too

by Sarah Rumpf

YouTube is facing a new wave of criticism after their updated hate speech rules banning videos that promote Nazi ideology or Holocaust denial were put into effect in a way that resulted in educational videos about World War II and the Holocaust being blocked as well.

A report by The Guardian interviewed several British history teachers who had seen their video channels featuring archival films from…


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Twisters hit Dayton, Ohio

Posted by Randy Boadway on 29th May 2019

(reposted here by me with permission from Randy)

Memorial day 2019 started out as a normal day at eRockets we started early to get packages ready to be out the door the next day. John came in at 4am to get started and I showed up at 9am to take care of concerns and open the door for shoppers and builders to spend part of their day here. Joe S was here most of the day and Joe says Murphy follows him around a lot. As soon as Joe left the…


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Operation George

You won’t read about this in any history book. It didn’t occur on some field of battle.

As Forrest Gump said, “The best place to start is at the beginning.”

George Ferrocarril and I first met due to a mutual interest in trains. I heard him tell another that he was in the Air Force. So when I could I asked him when he served. He told me he was stationed at Griffiss AFB. I asked him when. I was there at the same time. A friendship started.

George and I didn’t work that far…


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After Calling It a Crazy Rumor, CNN Just Laid off Most of a News Division

by Bonchie

A few weeks back, CNN bought out around one hundred employees. This came on the heels of rumors of major layoffs coming to CNN. At the time, even though it was obvious why those employees were being bought out (i.e. a precursor to forced layoffs), the liberal news network got very defensive about people suggesting they were having issues.

CNN’s Brian Stelter did what he always does, which is to play the role of Baghdad Bob for Mark Zucker.

As I wrote at the time,…


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PURE BRILLIANCE: How AG Barr Outsmarted Mueller and His ‘Pitbull’ Weissmann and Shut Down the Russia Hoax

by Joe Hoft

AG Barr outsmarted Robert Mueller and his ‘pitbull‘ Andrew Weissmann to end the Russia Hoax. And, he did this all in one weekend.

Here’s how he did it.

One of the first things that Bill Barr did after being appointed President Trump’s new Attorney General on Valentine’s Day in 2019, was to meet with Robert Mueller and his team. Barr stated that he and Mueller met a couple weeks after his appointment –

Barr, in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee,…


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Dogs Not Welcome: Growing Calls by Muslims To Accommodate Their Hatred Of Dogs

by Elizabeth Vaughn

CTV of Vancouver reported that numerous flyers had been posted at a local park which read, “Many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community.”

The city’s mayor was questioned about the signs by CTV and said they had not been issued by the city. However, he said “Whether they were produced by a well-meaning member of the Muslim community or by someone…


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Dues Skimming Meets Its Demise

Federal rule ends a union's ability to involuntarily take money from home health care givers

By Patrick J. Wright

Today, due to a newly minted federal rule, the rest of the United States finally joins Michigan in ending the home health care dues skim, whereby Medicaid grants meant to fund the care of the elderly and disabled were being diverted to unions. In its 2014 Harris v. Quinn decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that requiring mandatory dues or fees from these…


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