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SGT William A. Geresy (ret)'s Blog – March 2020 Archive (2)

The Coronavirus Cure Is Killing Us

b: Mark Alexander

Given that the current viral fear pandemic besieging our nation is a medical issue, let me draw a rough healthcare analogy.

If a woman goes to her doctor and tells him that she is having chest pain, she should get ready for a battery of tests, especially if she is well insured. One reason for all those tests is that the physician wants to help determine the cause and will call in other specialists who will keep ordering tests until the cause can be identified and…


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My Thoughts on the Corona Virus

As you all well know, I am retired military. So, a good place to start is to know your enemy.

What is a virus? My good old Webster’s Dictionary defines a virus as:

Definition 2a – same as FILTERABLE VIRUS; Specif., any of a group of ultramicroscopic or submicroscopic infective agents that cause various diseases in animal, as measles, mumps, etc., or in plants, as…


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