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SGT William A. Geresy (ret)'s Blog – April 2015 Archive (24)

Striking Analogy

From a former Navy fighter pilot and a retired UAL Captain ........

We are all flying on the Germanwings plane, with a twisted pilot at the

controls.  Will we just wait, and assume the "Crash Position"?

The 'real' pilot was locked out of the cockpit.

That set of circumstances finally revealed the full horror of the crash of

Germanwings flight 9525.  Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz waited for…


Added by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 6, 2015 at 10:35pm — 3 Comments

Twin boys' World War II dream comes true

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- It all began in Raleigh, North Carolina with a flurry of plastic bombshells. A few years ago, 10-year-old twins -- Carter and Jack Hanson-- got really into the game Battleship. That got them interested in naval warfare in general, which eventually led to a family vacation to see the Yorktown - a retired aircraft carrier in Charleston, South Carolina.

"My mind was just blown," said Carter.

The kids say the Yorktown changed their…


Added by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 4, 2015 at 8:16pm — No Comments

A Guy Walked Into a Muslim Bakery and Ordered a Gay Wedding Cake…

YouTube Preview Image

Is anyone surprised by this? Steven Crowder went into a bunch of Muslim bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan, and tried to order a “gay” wedding cake. Many of the bakers politely declined and sent him to other bakeries, including one man who tried to send him up…


Added by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 3, 2015 at 8:27am — No Comments

What Usurper Soetoro Has Done Right?

Well, his reset button hasn't worked.  Or it was mislabeled.  I can only think of three things Barry has done right of all he has done.

He created the TEA Party.

He got Speaker Pelosi demoted to Minority Leader.

He got Majority Leader Reid demoted to Minority Leader.

That is it!

His Death Care is a failure.  Unemployment is still about double what his administration says it is.  The economy is currently stuck in…


Added by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 1, 2015 at 10:53pm — No Comments

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