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SGT William A. Geresy (ret)'s Blog – July 2016 Archive (27)

Trump Gets It Right On Reforming the VA

Health Reform: For decades, lawmakers have tried to fix glaring faults at the Veterans Health Administration, only to find the government-run health program get worse. What's clearly needed is a wholesale overhaul of the system, one that exposes the VA to the bracing winds of competition. Donald Trump's plan, released this week, comes closest to getting there.

Trump is absolutely right in his diagnosis of what ails the program: "Politicians in Washington have tried to fix the…


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Red, White, and Blue

Red, White, and Blue

Last night racism reared its ugly head in Dallas.  During a “Black Lives Matter” rally, gun shots rang out.  The targets were not the protesters, but the officers watching to keep the peace.  The targets were specifically white officers.  Five are now dead.  This is racism pure and simple.

You go beyond our thin layer of skin, we are all Red, White, and Blue Americans.

Red for our muscles and oxygenated blood.

White for our bones that give our…


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Hillary And Classified Information

While the FBI has blown it by not charging Hillary with criminally mishandling highly classified information, it did show beyond any doubt she can not be trusted to properly classified all the classified information as President.  The President has access to everything.

In the real world as a minimum a person would have their access to classified revoked.

Has Hillary's access been revoked?  It sure doesn't sound like it.  It should be…


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'Lynch-ing' the Rule of Law

Update: FBI Director James Comey announced that there is “no evidence” Clinton intentionally deleted any work-related emails, adding that there was “no intentional misconduct.” Though he said “there is evidence that they were extremely careless,” he went on to effectively exonerate the…


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Mass Shooting Stopped by Concealed Carry Hero — Where’s the Media Coverage?

An angry psychotic bi-sexual Muslim walks into a gay nightclub in Orlando and starts shooting and the liberal media goes into a feeding frenzy like a school of sharks on a wounded seal. And like usual, the liberal media and politicians blamed the guns used and gun laws instead of the person.

Last Sunday, an intoxicated man entered a nightclub in Lyman, South Carolina, got into an argument with one of the patrons and then pulled out a gun and began shooting at people.…


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Rampant Voter Fraud Alleged In Minnesota

Same day registration and other liberal “reforms” have made it easy for ineligible voters to cast ballots in many states. When law-abiding citizens point out that liberal policies enable voter fraud, the left’s response is always that 1) voter fraud hardly ever happens, so 2) you must be a racist. Typically subtle liberal argumentation.

Here in Minnesota, a case is pending in our Supreme Court that challenges same day registration and various actions by our Democratic Secretary of…


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Ashamed to be an American? Towns crack down on American pride

The Star-Spangled Banner survived the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air – only to face a modern-day threat – silly town ordinances and petty bureaucrats.…


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