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SavantNoir's Blog – April 2010 Archive (5)

If I Were King

I would like to see truth in advertising when it comes to our political parties. The American people are being duped into believing we have a 2 party system where in reality it seems that both parties are working in collusion with one another.

Politics in the mind's eye of Savant Noir should be organized into the following 2 parties: The Globalist Party and the Sovereignty Party.

The Globalist Party (whose basic tenents are outlined… Continue

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$20,000 Water--YOUR Cost!

Well another week has passed in Obama-Land. An exasperating week as I have been engaged in a battle with City Hall in regards to a small 3 acre retail property site I want to improve. Apparently, whether I improve it or not, it is going to require I install an…

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Blind Side-An American Story

I am constantly amazed how Hollywood can produce movies that highlight traditional American values and morality as if they were the fantasy, while their false ideology they try to live as if were reality. Perhaps they were not cognizant of the fact that this movie so thoroughly exemplifies the virtue of Faith, the work ethic of Hope, and the giving of Charity.

Digressing a moment, we can say that Faith, Hope, and Charity are subsets of Love. All ingredients are necessary…

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A New Letter to Leaders

I vent..but so should we all...I hope that this reaches all our leaders by the millions!

Dear Congress[wo]man/Senator:

You hold what was once deemed a noble position within our Society; an esteemable position of Trust and Service. Your Oath was to uphold the Constitution and to serve the people of America with an integrity that is worthy of such a noble position.

Today we see our officials as morally…

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Moral Health Reform

There was, of course, nothing unpredictable about Sunday’s health-care vote. It was fairly obvious that the Chicago mobsters would, using the Escobarian silver-or-lead principle, scare up the votes needed to pass Obama’s baby. It was plain that “pro-life” Democrats such as Bart Stupak would, after the requisite posturing, find the rationalization they needed to cast aside a position that was never really a principle. That it came in the form of an executive order with the credibility of the… Continue

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