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Be a Patriotic Consumer & Boycott Our Worst Enemy…China!!! Red Stickers to Protest and Identify!!! Don’t Support Third Party Terrorist With Your Hard Earned Cash!!!

Let me explain; I don’t hate, or even dislike the people of China, or the great heritage they have, but we can no longer ignore the actions of a communist government that is continually supporting and emboldening the terrorist and American hating nations that would love to see us all dead. They’re supplying the food, the Fuel, and the weapons to countries like North Korea, Syria, and Iran. These countries in turn supply weapons, and technology to terrorist groups like Hamas, Al Quida, Taliban,… Continue

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The Songs Say it All!!!


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Wake-Up… Better Yet, Stand-Up Notre Dame!!!

I’m Outraged…Not only for religious reasons, I just can’t believe such a prestigious school would jump on the band-wagon so fast…Let me explain, Obama has not really done anything for this country yet!!! Except for his narcissistic soapbox speeches that were mapped-out by some teleprompter, or his fluting of a Marxist melody to his Pied-Piper cronies and paving a road to be followed directly toward true Socialism. What has he done?

Notre Dame needs to wake… Continue

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WHY ARE WE GOING BANKRUPT? Because We, the Non- Represented Tax Payers Are Spending a Whopping $338 Billion a Year on Illegal Aliens. (It can't be helping us!!!)

A letter that was forward to me from from a good friend…I could hear the pain in his words!!! (And for good Reason)

Since this letter was sent to me a few weeks ago, I have done my own research…and it shows this is a very conservative number!!! (Some say it’s as high as 500 Billion) but don’t try and tell Nancy Polosi or the liberal congress this, they feel our law enforcement and border patrol officers are angry, law breaking, communist criminals… (Not the true patriots we hired… Continue

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