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Pride: The Siamese Twin Of Weakness

St. Augustine called pride, "a defect of nature."

Chairman’s Column January 2010

By: Bob Schaffer, LPR Chairman

In virtually every instance, weakness threatens freedom. Whether in local law enforcement, international diplomacy or economics, the inability or refusal to protect liberty plunges societies ultimately to the depths of servitude.

The same holds true on the constitutions of… Continue

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Force of Leadership

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it," wrote Virginia Colonist Thomas Jefferson in 1776.

Chairman’s Column

By: Bob Schaffer, LPR Chairman

In considering the quality of leadership, one good indicator of poor quality is a leader’s reliance upon the use of force.

Leadership entails persuasion. This often… Continue

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The Delusive Phantom of Hope

Patrick Henry properly accredited the rational and theological virtue of hope to “the vigilant, the active, the brave.”

Chairman’s Column

October 2009

The Delusive Phantom of Hope

By: Bob Schaffer, LPR Chairman

Beware the leader who substitutes hope for vision for he will betray you every time.

Hopelessness is commonly equated to unhappiness. If that is true, does having hope mean… Continue

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Fortitude Is Needed In The Struggle Against Bondage

Plato's philosophical devotion to the concept of fortitude girds today's historical understanding of the cardinal virtue.

Chairman’s Column

By: LPR Chairman, Bob Schaffer

In all our searching for virtuous leaders there is scarce mention anymore of the one foundational virtue upon which so many others stand: Fortitude.

Plato regarded it as a core element of perfect wisdom. He… Continue

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Election of '48 Changed History

Who were you backing in the '48 election?

The national contest of 1148 BC had it all -- drama, brutality, decisiveness, lasting results. It was the among the most spectacular and destructive in recorded history. See who won by clicking here. Let's talk about it in Colorado Springs March 6th and… Continue

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