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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – February 2010 Archive (5)

Three Female Tea Party Musketeers

Housewives and moms Lisa Feroli, Diana Evans and Suki Carder epitomize what the Tea Party Movement is all about; We The People taking back our country in

whatever ways our passion and talents lead us. This dynamic trio have

created and host a new political forum which they have named, “Eat

and Greet”. The forums are held in a restaurant in each Central

Florida congressional district. All candidates running for office…


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Blacks, Youths and We The People At CPAC

I performed my “American Tea Party Anthem” and “Twenty Ten: We're Gonna Vote Them Out” at CPAC as a representative for I was struck and excited by

the high number of youths in attendance (over 50% were under 25 years

old). With liberal iron fisted dictatorship regimes ruling most of

America's campuses, how did these kids survive attempts to

indoctrinate them? Those with whom I chatted said they simply…


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Tea Party Movement Untamed

It appears everyone and his brother is seeking to categorize, direct and control the incredible increasing powerful phenomenon known as the Tea Party Movement. Some say it is

doomed to fail because it does not have a single charismatic leader.

Some say taking a stand on social issues such as abortion is death to

the movement. Stick to the Constitution is their mantra. Some fret,

what about the in-fighting and groups splintering off to…


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Patriotism Cooling‏: Dissing America

I struggled with whether or not to discuss this topic. Our Haitian neighbors are suffering tremendously. I am extremely proud and thank God that we, America, were first on

the scene, doing what we always do: come to the rescue of people in

need. I questioned, "Lloyd, are you making much ado about

nothing?" Well, you be the judge.

I am confident that Indianapolis Colts…


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Black History Month Should Be About Black History.

I've often said jokingly that Black History Month should more accurately be called "white people and America suck" month. Rather than focusing on all of black history, every February the liberal media and most democrats gleefully bring up all of America's past sins. Fine. I mean after all, it is a part of history. But what is so wrong is these race exploiters imply that current race relations in America have not come very far from the days of blacks being lynched. Thus, Black History… Continue

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