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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – May 2010 Archive (4)

The Black Church's Commitment To Obama

Dear Black Church,

What I am about to say will probably anger you. As a black Christian, I have struggled with whether or not to address this sensitive topic. I

only ask that you give my statements prayerful consideration.…


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Media Demands, “Take Us To Your Leader, Sarah Palin!”

Is Sarah Palin the leader of the Tea Party Movement? This is asked as a “gotcha” question by the liberal mainstream media of every spokesperson of the Tea Party

Movement. The liberal mainstream media is so far out of touch with

the majority of Americans, their rational is, if they can get tea

partiers to say a wacko like Palin is their leader, it will confirm

that the movement is nothing more than a bunch of extremist fringe



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In Star Spangled Spirit Tea Parties Will Prevail.

I watched a History channel program about the War of 1812. Folks, I can not explain why, but the segment about the battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the writing of our

national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner moved me to tears.

The British had burned down our U.S. Capital and the White House. The next step on the agenda of the…


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Tea Party Music: Tea Are The World!

I got the idea while traveling and performing nationally on Tea Party Express Tour II. At rallies in every city, conservative musical artists gave me their CDs.

Singer/songwriters emailed their songs; all understandably

proclaiming theirs to be the greatest tea party song ever written.

I loved the ones who gave me a sheet of lyrics with their permission for me to…


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