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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – May 2012 Archive (6)

Can One Be Truly Black and Patriotic?

Famed TV minster Bishop T. D. Jakes said when your “perception is off”, you do not realize or appreciate the true value of what you have until you have lost it. Is it fair to say that, in general, black America's perception is off regarding their country which is, in reality, a tremendous gift from God?…


Added by Lloyd Marcus on May 29, 2012 at 9:54pm — 1 Comment

Team Obama Soils Wausau, WI - Mayberry USA

Recently, I was back in Wisconsin with The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama. I never heard of Wausau, Wisconsin until my visit to challenge Team Obama's recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Downtown Wausau is…


Added by Lloyd Marcus on May 24, 2012 at 2:04pm — No Comments

President Obama Gay Marriage is not a Black Thing!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the left's in-your-face aggressive campaign to make homosexuality normal. Flipping through the channels, I caught a lesbian scene (two women kissing) on the Lifetime channel. The SiFi channel has a new series in which bi-sexual scenes involving the lead actress are a main staple of the show.…


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Obama's “Chicago Thug Way” Invades Wisconsin

As Chairman of The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama, I just returned back home to Florida from Wisconsin which is ground zero in the battle to stop Obama's ruination of America. Like locust, Obama minions have swarmed the state of Wisconsin, devouring all who dare oppose their recall…


Added by Lloyd Marcus on May 19, 2012 at 10:48pm — 1 Comment

A Black Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally

A big well dressed black guy attended the Dallas, TX tea party rally with his white buddy. Both men missed my singing performance on stage minutes earlier. I asked the black gentleman who had an impressive physique how often he worked out. He replied, “Everyday.” His white buddy said with a chuckle, “He thinks the Tea Party is…


Added by Lloyd Marcus on May 8, 2012 at 11:40pm — 1 Comment

The Ultimate Appeal To Persuade Fellow Blacks To Stop Voting Democrat.

Candidly, I have struggled with this for years; how best to explain why I am a black conservative and why fellow black Americans should join me.

I served on a board with an extremely bright black mom. Both of her kids, a boy and a girl, are brilliant; her son received a…


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