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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – June 2009 Archive (13)

Black Conservatives: Crucified by the Left, Ignored by the Right!

At a tea party in Lakewood Ranch Florida, I invited all veterans to join me on stage as I sang “God Bless the USA” in tribute to them. It was truly a moving experience. Veterans, old, young and active service men and women came forward. The audience applauded wildly expressing their love for them. Such tributes NEVER happen at left wing secular progressive events. Their goal is ALWAYS about tearing down America, as opposed to Celebrating America, which I do in my original song,… Continue

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Sarah Palin, At High Noon

I just watched the classic movie “High Noon”, AGAIN! Gary Cooper played a brave sheriff who brought law and order to his town. As one woman said, “He made it safe for a decent woman to walk down the street”. A recently released outlaw was coming back to town on the noon train to deliver vengeance against the sheriff who put him away. His gang of three arrived early to help their leader take out the sheriff. Fully aware of why the bad men were in town, the sheriff could not arrest them… Continue

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Don't Allow Turf Wars or Pettiness to Side Track Tea Party Movement

A concerned patriot wrote me the following. “...our Tea Party efforts are taking a weird turn. As you know the April 15th nationwide rallies were a BIG success! The issues were Runaway Federal Spending and lack of primarily, the Federal Government doing what is best for the people.

...we are receiving direction to turn our focus to the Local Cities, Counties, and School Boards and not to focus on National issues.

This is not what started the Tea Parties and in my opinion is… Continue

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Group Hug and Thank You from Lloyd Marcus!

Hi Folks, Just want to give a shout out, great big, THANK YOU to ALL who helped to make the debut of my new Tea Party Unity song, WE THE PEOPLE a huge hit yesterday! No man is an island and the release could not have been successful without you. You guys ROCK!

To all the bloggers, Man, you guys are powerful! You embraced my first song, “American Tea Party Anthem” and made it a hit. Thanks for taking “WE THE PEOPLE” under your wings.

I also wish to thank the… Continue

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Happy Father's Day to my dad, Rev., Dr. Lloyd E. Marcus II

Friends invited Mary and I to spend Father's Day with them at Disney. Upon our return home that evening, my 82 year old dad called. He said, “I am now ready to go home to be with the Lord, Jerry preacher the Father's Day sermon today”! Dad proudly added, “He hit a home run”!

Jerry is one of my middle brothers. I'm the oldest. Then, there is Gloria, Jerry, David and Allen.

Two years ago, we were all extremely concerned for Jerry; alcoholism, depression and even… Continue

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Liberals: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

I still remember the knot in my stomach upon seeing the sea of white faces from the window of our school bus. It was the first day of school 1961. We came from a neighboring black community, about a hundred or so of us, to the newly integrated white Jr/Sr high school with thousands of students.

EVERYTHING intimidated me, the massive school building, being around whites for the first time, feeling small, seventh grade school work (would I measure up) and my… Continue

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Don't Help the Left Destroy Conservative Leaders

“GOP” was the first thing out of EVERY reporter's mouth regarding a recent sex scandal. And yet, when married democrat Gov. Eliot Spitzer used a prostitute and was investigated for his link to a prostitution ring, I had to do a Google search to discover Spitzer's political party. This is typical “give the left a pass” bias reporting. But when a conservative has a human failure, the media has to restrain themselves from dancing in the streets.

Remember when democrat… Continue

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WORLD PREMIERE: “We The People”, NEW tea party unity song by Lloyd Marcus

Date: Tuesday, June 23rd

Time: 12noon/EST


Dear Fellow Patriots, No marketing firm could have started this incredible spontaneous Tea Party Movement. It is totally driven by love, passion and concern of the America people.

The passionate voice of one man, Rick Santelli, ignited a fire which spread across America. You came by the tens of thousands to tea… Continue

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Time for Conservative Men to Act Like Men!

I was recently in Texas performing at the America's Awakening rally. While waiting for my wife, I wondered into the hotel pub. It was Lady's Night. A cowboy practically had a line of women waiting to dance with him. He held them firm, but gentle. He confidently lead and they gleefully followed. Each knowing she was in good hands. I, along with others, by the looks on their faces, thoroughly enjoyed watching him dance with the women. Why did we enjoy it? It represented the way men… Continue

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Holocaust Museum Shooting: Still Trying to Shut Us Up!

Hi Folks, Proud black conservative, Lloyd Marcus here. I'm in Fort Worth, Texas speaking and singing at the America's Awakening rally tonight. Recently, I jokingly gave my white fellow patriots permission to speak the truth regarding the Obama administration.

Tonight, I will share my story of why I chose conservatism over liberalism. I will also encourage my white fellow patriots to speak out against the power grabbing control freak, King Obama. His color trumps EVERYHING! No white… Continue

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Obama's Attack on Individual Rights and Achievers.

Recently, I thought of two Hall of Fame baseball players, Baltimore Orioles', Frank Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. On several occasions, I witnessed Robinson, bottom of the ninth with two outs, dramatically hitting the game winning home run. Most players may hit the game winner once in their careers. With great pride, they repeatedly tell the tale to their grandkids. Incredibly, Frank Robinson hit the “big one” numerous times.

Cal Ripken Jr holds the record for going… Continue

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Conversation with a Public School Bred America Hater.

Hi Folks, proud black conservative Lloyd Marcus here. Years ago, I was outraged when a dear white friend said her son came home from middle school full of guilt for slavery. I thought, “Good grief, this kid was basically born yesterday. What on earth should he feel guilty about?” But, this is the liberal “white men are evil” and “America sucks” garbage he was being taught in school.

Fast forward to today. My friend's son, “Jay”, not his real name, is a young man. He contacted me on… Continue

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New American Tea Party Unity Song by Lloyd Marcus....GOOSEBUMPS!

My music producer Frank Starchak is a genius. I've challenged him to do something never before done on a commercial song recording. However, I feel it is necessary to evoke the emotion and magnitude of the tea party movement.

As he's done numerous times in the past, Frank rose to the occasion. He just played me a rough mix today. Folks, it gave me GOOSEBUMPS on GOOSEBUMPS! Tomorrow, I will perform my lead vocal. The national release date is JUNE 23rd.

Can't wait for y'all to… Continue

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