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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – August 2010 Archive (2)

Black Conservative Supports Glenn Beck Rally

Alleged civil rights leaders including Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP, President Benjamin Jealous are having a cow because Glenn Beck had the audacity

to schedule his "Restoring Honor" rally August 28

on the steps of the Lincoln

Memorial. It is the same date and location of Dr. Martin Luther



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Black Conservative Campaigns in Alaska for Joe Miller.

Tea Party Express asked me to join them in Alaska to assist in their final push for conservative Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. I sang and spoke at rallies in Wasilla, Fairbanks

and Anchorage, Alaska.

The weather in Alaska was mild, mid 60s. It was my first time in Alaska and enjoying sourdough pancakes with reindeer sausage. I was most impressed with the people I met…


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Daily Caller

Emerson Combatives: Fakes, Feints And Distractions

"Fakes, feints, and distractions can be valuable assets in your arsenal, that can be just the extra weight that tips the balance in your favor"

Clapper Takes Swipe At Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Over Anti-Trump Hyperbole

Says Brennan's rhetoric has 'become an issue in and of itself'

Politifact Oddly Rates Dean Heller Claim ‘Mostly False’

Politifact oddly rated a claim by Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller as “mostly false” despite the fact that Heller’s statement appears to be mostly accurate. Heller said in a press release in late June that his Senate challenger, Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen, “went AWOL on Nevada’s veterans once again yesterday when she skipped work to […]

Trump Says Conserving Oil No Longer A Concern As US Becomes Energy Dominant

Shale production gives the country more flexibility

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