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Lloyd Marcus's Blog – October 2010 Archive (5)

Black Conservatives Fired Up on Tea Party Express IV Tour Bus

The conversation became rather heated in the lounge area of the Tea Party Express IV tour bus between us black conservatives: authors Kevin Jackson, William and Selena Owens

and myself. ( (

What started the passionate discussion? William Owens talked about a book he was reading which says black America believes they are owed.…


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NAACP Report The Tea Parties Are Racist: A Desperate Hail Mary Pass.

The Associated Press reporter confronted me with the NAACP's accusation that Tea Party Express is paying me, a black tea party patriot, to say the Tea Party Movement

is not racist. In essence, the NAACP is calling me a

characterless paid “mouth piece” traitor to my race.

Fun how characterless people project their sins upon others. The modern day NAACP have…


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Little Big Woman Power!

Anna Little is “Little Big Woman”, republican running for Congress in New Jersey. Anna is the We The People/ tea party patriot's extremely enthusiastic choice. This

amazing attorney, mayor, wife and mother of three teenagers has

captured the imagination, minds and most importantly, the hearts, of


In my travels on…


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Lloyd Marcus Performs at Arizona Mainstream Project's First Annual Patriot Banquet.

Lloyd Marcus here in the airport waiting to fly home to Florida from Scottsdale, AZ. Last night, I performed and spoke at a wonderful tea party patriot banquet. The

keynote speaker was conservative radio talk show host Tammy Bruce.

Tammy Bruce delivered a great speech. Ten years ago, Bruce was a hardcore liberal democrat activist. Similar to Saul on the road to Damascus,…


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Lloyd Marcus & Glenn Beck at the Restoring America Rally in New Jersey

Hi Folks, Tea Party singer/songwriter, entertainer and speaker, Lloyd Marcus reporting in after performing with Glenn Beck at Great Adventure in New Jersey. The rally was

awesome. I have attended over two hundred tea parties touring on Tea

Party Express. I am continually impressed by the caliber and number

of first time candidates across America running for public

office; ordinary people stepping up to help take back…


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