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Well another week has passed in Obama-Land. An exasperating week as I have been engaged in a battle with City Hall in regards to a small 3 acre retail property site I want to improve. Apparently, whether I improve it or not, it is going to require I install an underground storm water filtered drainage system for a measly sum of about $100,000!

It seems that eventually all properties, either residential or commercial, are going to be required to install similar systems. For the homeowner, the cost for a pre-fabricated unit is apprx. $10-12,000 (which does not include installation or the Engineering report/plans that must be submitted to the City in order to get the permit...which itself will cost some additional money as well). Add it all up and it will cost you $20,000+.

So, whats happening here and how is it going to affect us all? To prepare my arguments against this City requirement I have been buried in reading legislative nomenclature and putting this big picture all now I have become a semi-expert at understanding YOUR future. (but if you want to know, send me $5/per prediction!)

Back in 1972 the Clean Water Act was passed into law. It has taken 38 years to finally filter down to the municipal level. The first priority to compliancy with the mandates of the CWA were water treatment plants and industrial companies that had a high degree of pollutants being discharged into the water. Now they are ready to come after 'you'.

All States have passed legislation that incorporate the provisions of the CWA to which they have each added their own individual twist. All State law must conform with Federal Law as a guideline for minimum standards, but they are free to make it more stringent, cumbersome, and idiotic at their own discretion.

In California where I reside, this legislation is contained in a bill called the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (file attached below). The purpose of the CWA and it's subsequent State morphing of this Bill is to prevent polluted water from entering the storm water drainage system and inadvertently giving some bug an upset tummy. Any area that has surface water discharge into a City's system is subject to retro-actively become compliant. For example; when it rains water will then carry oils off your driveway into the City system. If you water your lawn, a small amount of water will carry chemicals into the City system.

Although each State and each City will be slightly different, the Federal Law applies to all. Enclosed also is a file that gives a general overview of how compliancy to the Federal law works.

In preparing my arguments against the City, I have called about 20 different Public Works departments throughout California and the rest of the Country. Currently it seems that no one is really aggressively enforcing this yet, and enforcement is pretty much being limited to new construction and re-construction. Also, there is no uniform definition of what defines re-construction. However.....

.....most States have passed their morphed CWA legislation in the years 2001-2004, and the language in these re-incarnated Bills clearly outline a 5 year plan to accomplish the goals of the CWA. This means in about 10 years someone will come knocking at your door. (you have to figure in the 'lazy and dumb' factor when assessing bureaucratic incompetence).

Since as of this writing I have entered the world of Professional Predicting (awaiting my first $5 before I hang up my shingle) I am predicting that once Cap and Trade passes and the EPA is given a plethora of new enumerated powers, that they will roll this up into Cap and Trade somehow and we will see increases in State/County/City governments so as to start enforcing all the wonderful regulations that await us.

As we are all aware, under Cap and Trade your house will have to carry the Good Housekeeping Stamp of approval before it can be re-sold. To earn this stamp you must be eco-friendly as defined by Law. Without a doubt this little $20,000 upgrade will certainly be part of that eco-rehab.

Now certainly no one can object to clean water and clean air. After all, we don't want air and water that we can eat with a knife and fork. The more salient point to this post is ultimately how the Government will financially cripple us all, so that we have no choice but to fall in line with the bigger picture that is re-shaping America--Agenda 21. (this link gives overview of Agenda 21 and relates it to the "smelt" situation in California)

Enclosed below is a link that contains every Public Works Dept in most every city in the country. Wading through all the City nomenclature is frustrating as hell, but once you find your City, you can start searching for how this will impact you by typing such words as "water shedding", "storm drainage", "water filtering", etc...into their search engine. If they have no search engine, you should look for any link containing those words or simply start searching through their Water Quality, Water Management, or similar phrasings, and see what is going on in your City.

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