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Senator Cruz Last Night Ends His White House Ride.

Senator Cruz, like the actor in this Gieco Commercial showed he is a loner as he tried to ride off into the sunset.  Instead he rode into THE END.  And off of his mighty steed he fell. 

Senator Cruz's run to the White House was doomed to fail from the start.  He is not and never will be a Natural Born Citizen as required by the US Constitution.  The Democrats unlike the Republicans, will never allow that to happen. 

Senator Cruz last night could have chosen the high road and congratulated Mr. Trump.  He could have honored his pledge that he made so long ago to back the nominee.  Last night he failed to do either.

We now know Senator Cruz is a very sore loser.  

So Senator Cruz, crawl off into the sunset of your fast fading political life.  You had your moment.  Now go home to Texas and pout.  You showed all Americans last night even if you were NBC, you don't have what it takes to be President. 

Goodbye Senator Cruz!  Don't let the door hit you in your butt on the way out! 

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