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For 12 million Americans that I clearly do not agree with their votes during the Democratic primary process did not count. Not one bit. And let me be clear- disenfranchising voters and pushing their votes into the garbage I disagree with even more.

It is appalling that the Democratic National Committee played an instrumental role in rigging the election process throughout the primaries. It is appalling that those 12 million voters were never going to count. Lets be honest- if it had gotten tougher then the attacks both in the daylight and in the dark would have intensified against Sanders.

The Clinton machine however may have met it’s match in an unlikely counter culture hero, Julian Assange. His website juggernaut Wikileaks delivered a payload of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee that clearly demonstrates the fix was in from the beginning.

I can tell you, come November your vote is going to count! That’s because the curtain has been torn down and those on the left will have a very hard time finding their unethical footing in this glaring and bright environment. Let’s be honest cockroaches run from the light and so will these black hearted cowards.

Me Here.....This is so true of the most corrupt Democrat Party!  They know beyond any doubt that their supporters are not the sharpest tool in the shed.  So the "all knowing elites" will vote for you so you get it right!  That is why so many are the DNC delegates are unelected super delegates.  These are supposed to insure the party's choice is the nominee.

Bernie Sanders tried to buck the elites.  But between Hillary and Debbie, anything and everything had to be done to insure he didn't get the nomination.  The elites in the back room had already picked Hillary.  The people were never to have a say in the nomination.

Hillary wasn't to have 2008 happen to her again.  She wasn't going to allow the voters to pick anyone, but her.

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