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The Democrats treat President Franklin Roosevelt as a near God.  But with today's fake outrage against President Trump limited immigration ban for people from 7 countries.

Didn't FDR ban a German ship full of Jewish refugees from Germany before WWII from coming to America?  He did.  Many later died in Concentration Camps.  Where is the outrage from Democrats for that?  Silence!

Didn't FDR put a great many Japanese AMERICANS in Internment camps in 1942?  He did.  These were Citizens and not people coming into America.  Where is the outrage today from Democrats about that?  Silence!

Presidents from both parties have at times restricted or banned immigration in the past. 

What President Trump has done is both legal and needed.  The Usurper didn't vet people from nations we should be.  Now President Trump is trying to set up a proper vetting.  The limited ban is needed to give the administration time to get going.

So why are Democrats crying fake tears?  Politics!  Hate!

Democrats, man up and get with reality.  If you continue, you will be a 3rd party. 

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