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Veterans have a real problem with the new term used to describe election-depressed liberals

Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

Mental health professionals say they’re seeing more instances of a type of depression they call “post-election stress disorder” among Democrats who are still upset over Donald Trump‘s victory.

Doctors claim this unofficial medical condition is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, which afflicts many military veterans who have experienced the horrors of war.

Florida Congressman Brian Mast said he empathizes with angry liberals who are still upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election, but said it’s a little extreme to compare that to the post-traumatic stress syndrome that afflicts war veterans.

“There was a big missed opportunity in naming it ‘Post-Election Stress Disorder,'” Mast joked on Fox News. “I would have preferred they name it ‘Post-Inauguration Stress Disorder.’ That way they could have called it ‘PISD.'”

Mast, an Army veteran, is a double amputee who lost both his legs and a finger in Afghanistan. He feels bad for depressed liberals who say they have post-election stress disorder, but hope they realize their suffering is nothing compared to war.

“There’s a big difference between being pissed off about things and what happens on the battlefield,” Mast said.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter were disgusted by crybaby snowflake liberals, saying they need to crawl back to their safe spaces.

Me Here.......Click on the above link to see the many funny twitter replies on this.  It is a great laugh!

Some have said this is because they didn't get their participation trophies.  They can't handle losing!  America couldn't handle them winning!  And we sure don't need their whining!

Suck it up "snowflakes"!  We had to suffer for eight too long years under Usurper Barry Soetoro.  A person running under an illegal alias that is banned by the Constitution from ever being President.  You crammed this down our throats and called us every last vile name in the book when we tried to inform you of the truth.

This isn't pay back.  This is just getting America back on track after your last eight years of disaster.

As a Veteran, I agree that even thinking of comparing your losing to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is beyond silly.  It is probably a good thing General Patton isn't around.  I am sure he would be face slapping mad over this insult! 

So get back to your safe places and let the winners take charge.  Who knows, in 2020 you may well be voting for President Trump for a 2nd term!

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