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Paddock prescribed drug linked to violent outbursts

WASHINGTON – Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock, who killed at least 58 people on Sunday, was taking a psychiatric drug that can promote aggressive behavior.

Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets on June 21 and purchased the drug at a Walgreens store in Reno the same day it was prescribed, according to records from the Nevada Prescription Program obtained Tuesday by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler prescribed Paddock diazepam, more commonly known as Valium, and instructed Paddock to take one pill a day.

“A woman who answered the phone at Winkler’s office would not make him available to answer questions and would neither confirm nor deny that Paddock was ever a patient,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Paddock was also prescribed 50 10-milligram tablets of diazepam by Winkler in 2016, the Nevada state monitoring report reveals. He filled that prescription the day it was written at Evergreen Drugs in Henderson and this time it was for two tablets a day.

Diazepam can trigger “aggressive behavior,” “hallucinations” and “psychotic experiences,” which can be intensified by alcohol consumption, according to

“If somebody has an underlying aggression problem and you sedate them with that drug, they can become aggressive,” Dr. Mel Pohl, chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center told Review-Journal. “It can disinhibit an underlying emotional state. … It is much like what happens when you give alcohol to some people … they become aggressive instead of going to sleep.”

According to a study published in the June 2015 World Psychiatry there is a strong correlation between a person’s risk of homicide and use of benzodiazepines. After examining 960 adults and teens convicted of homicide, the study found users of benzodiazepines have a 45 percent increased risk of committing homicide.

Paddock smuggled an arsenal of weapons into the Mandalay Bay and placed cameras inside and outside his room before launching his attack.

Dr. Michael First, a clinical psychiatry professor at Columbia University and expert on benzodiazepines, contended Paddock’s attack was clearly premeditated, but acknowledged diazepam “fuels aggression.”

“What this man in Las Vegas did was very planned,” he told the Review-Journal.

Discovering why he was prescribed the drug “may have more to do with why he did what he did,” First said.

As WND reported, nearly every mass shooter in recent decades used mind-altering pharmaceutical medications prior to or during their murder sprees.

WND has also compiled a list of murders committed by individuals who had used mind-altering... or recently had come off of them at the time of their crimes. There are thousands of other violent episodes that have been committed by individuals on psychiatric drugs over the past three decades documented on the website SSRI Stories.

But the truth about mass shootings and psychiatric drugs is being swept under the rug by the media. Corporate media outlets face a major conflict of interests by exposing big pharma corruption.

According to a study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, nine major U.S. media corporations and their major outlets, Disney (ABC), General Electric (NBC), CBS, Time Warner (CNN, Time), News Corporation (Fox), New York Times Co., Washington Post Co. (Newsweek), Tribune Co. (Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times) and Gannett (USA Today) shares at least one board member with at least one pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceutical companies spend about $5 billion a year on advertising with corporate media outlets.

Me Here.....I smelled something like this from the very start.  It had to be a psychotic reaction to a drug or drugs or something to do with radical islam.  The later, well, he didn't seem the type.  Taking prescription drugs than can cause or contribute to this type of behavior just smelled right to me.

We have been all but deafened by the Democrats with calls for various types of increased gun control laws to defaming the NRA.  None of the laws would have worked.  Isn't it already illegal to shoot people?  So why would more antigun laws done anything to stop this?  Are they thinking that merely breaking 9 laws won't stop a person, breaking a 10th will?  

Now what if Paddock instead of doing what he did, simply stole a Budweiser beer delivery semi and used that to plow through the crowd like ISIS has done repeatedly in Europe?  Would these same Democrats be calling for banning all beer trucks?  I don't think so.  So why are they doing it with guns whenever this crap happens?

The reason I think is so simple.  They want us "deplorables" completely disarmed.  That way us "deplorables" will no longer be able to resist their draconian authoritarian rule.

I had heard something earlier that Paddock was taking a psychotic drug.  It wasn't until now that we know he was taking at least this one.  We don't yet know what else he was taking if any.  I would think he was taking other drugs too.  So many people are on multiple prescription drugs these days.  

Not all drugs work as advertised in all people.  We all hear this long list of possible side effects on the great many drug commercials on TV.  For some, this is half of the commercial.  I have had my own experience with an unintended drug result.  I was prescribed a drug in the Air Force that for the great many people it is great.  For me, just taking the second dose (pill) as prescribed almost killed me.  It drastically lower my heart rate to as low as 30.  I took this dose right before bed time as directed.  If I had fallen asleep, I wonder if I would be here today?  I realized something was wrong, I was alarmed that my pulse was already in the low 40s.  I had a friend rush me to the base hospital ER.  It was a very long night waiting for the drug to be metabolized enough for my pulse rate to return to normal.

The point being, here is a real probable cause for the horror Paddock did.  It wasn't "assault rifles", bump stocks, NRA, or anything else the Democrats are now slandering.  It is the largest problem we have in the nation, DRUGS! 

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