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Kneeling Students in Trouble After What They Were Caught Doing With Opposing Team

Professional football players taking a knee during the national anthem has become a controversial issue across the country... but now high school players are in hot water after kneeling for a very different reason.

The Bridgeport High School junior varsity team in Michigan is being criticized after they knelt down in prayer following a recent game, and invited the opposing team to join them.

Even though many members of the community supported the humble gesture, a busy-body group that is against religion is stirring up drama over the on-field prayer.

According to The Independent Journal Review, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a stern letter to the Bridgeport school superintendent which scolded coaches and players for daring to bow on the field.

The atheist group pointed to a 2008 Supreme Court decision as the basis for their outcry.

“In that case, the court stated that the coach’s involvement in the prayer by ‘taking a knee’ and ‘bowing his head’ during the prayers, even when student-led, ‘would lead a reasonable observer to conclude he was endorsing religion,’” FFRF legal adviser Rebecca Markert declared.

Another member of the FFRF joined the hand wringing over actions of the young players.

“Public school employees should be aware that a good portion of their student population is most often comprised of individuals with different beliefs or no belief. Students should not be expected to pray to play,” chastised Annie Lauri Gaylor.

However, there was no indication that players were required or pressured to participate in the kneeling prayer in any way.

It’s unclear if the Freedom From Religion Foundation would have backed off if only players and not coaches had taken a knee. Based on how aggressively the group is attacking an action that didn’t seem to bother anybody in the community, however, it’s a safe bet that they would have been “offended” by the prayer either way.

The First Amendment was never meant to eliminate religion, but rather to ensure that individuals are able to exercise their beliefs free from the influence of the federal government.

It’s a bit of a stretch to claim that a kneeling coach is somehow enforcing a federal religious mandate. More likely, they wanted to teach humbleness, respect, and sportsmanship in an era where those values are becoming more rare.

Me Here....We need to take a look at Governments that were devoid of religion and the mass murders they did.  NAZI Germany.  USSR.  China.  Cuba.  Cambodia.  

Both the US House and Senate start each day with prayer.  

Now NASCAR, before the start of each race, has a Christian Prayer.  They are the only professional sport I know if that does this.  

We have Democrats in the Senate that are trying to set the standard that if you are Christian, you can't serve in government.  That is just so wrong.  It would be better if only Christians were in Government, but shouldn't be mandatory.

Why does such a small minority so fear Christianity?  Why are they even listened to?  It is time for this minority to be ignored.

Our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence referred to the Creator as the grantor of our rights.  Governments were to preserve those rights.  If you ignore the Creator, God, then Government can ignore our God Given Rights.  So much of the extreme left is bent on taking our rights away.  When Government has the rights, we are slaves to the Government.

Kneel to God.  Stand for the Flag.

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