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Hillary Clinton Has a New Excuse For Why She Lost the 2016 Election

by Bonchie

Hillary Clinton is apparently still a thing and she continues to blame everything but herself for losing the 2016 election to President Trump. We’ve seen her blame Russia multiple times, but now she’s got a new excuse – voter suppression.
Here’s Kyle Griffin, notable for being one of the biggest hacks on Twitter, dutifully parroting her claim.

Per The Daily Wire.
Clinton told an audience at George Washington University that she’s been counseling 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, according to The Hill, and among her pearls of wisdom is a warning to watch out for Republican “voter suppression,” which she believes comes in the form of laws requiring a photo ID to vote.
Clinton specifically blames Republican voter suppression for Stacey Abrams losing the election for Georgia governor, but, for the first time, extrapolated the problem to the 2016 presidential election, claiming that around 200,000 voters in Wisconsin were turned away from the polls because of that state’s voter ID requirement (Clinton, of course, lost Wisconsin in a brutal swing state defeat, despite what she claims were internal polls showing her far ahead of Trump)
Who in this country could possibly, with years of prior notice, not be ready to present an ID when they go to vote? How is it even an argument that such is an insurmountable burden? The idea that 200,000 people, in a state with less than 1.8 million total votes, were turned away because of not having an ID simply doesn’t pass muster. And the reason it doesn’t pass muster is because it’s abject nonsense.
The number she’s citing is actually based on a baseless claim made by a judge, who claimed that Wisconsin’s voter ID law could disenfranchise 300,000 people. The assertion that a full 15% of prospective voters in Wisconsin don’t have an ID is ludicrous. You can’t do anything without an ID these days, including having a bank account, collecting welfare benefits, and having electricity. The judge in question made a wild claim. It was not dispositive of reality.
Yet, Clinton is now claiming it anyway, albeit misquoting it by 100,000 less. Of course, even then, the law was struck down in 2014. By 2016, it had been rewritten to ensure a lack of disenfranchisement, no matter how small the numbers may have been.
In other words, Hillary Clinton is full of it. Shocking, right?
She simply can’t accept that voters simply didn’t want her. Her vast history of corruption and double dealing, along with her being incredibly inauthentic, are what ultimately sunk her. Those things are on Clinton, not voter ID laws or Russia or Donald Trump’s voodoo. It amazes me people still pay this woman to come speak. You’d do better to set the money on fire. At least then you’d get the value of the heat it produces for a short time.

Me Here....Remember Hillary still hasn't given up becoming President.  My guess is that Hillary is waiting in the wings for a brokered convention.  Then she will ride in as a white knight(ess) to save the party.  She still "owns" the DNC.  She bought it before the 2016 election.  As far as I know she hasn't "sold" it yet.

This shows how out of touch she is.  Can you imigine how terrible a President she would have been if Trump had lost.  

We know the Russian collusion was her's.  She would sell her decisions to the highest donor to the Clinton Foundation.  Pay-to-play is her way of ruling.  So long as she makes a beyond humongous fortune she is happy.  A President Clinton could care less about us "We the People".  She is 100% about herself and only herself.  We only exist to make her wealthest.

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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on September 22, 2019 at 10:20pm

AFTER I posted this I learned on FOX News that guess what.....Hillary is the leading person to be the 2020 Democratic Candidate according to the bookies in the UK.  SERIOUSLY!  

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