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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I vent..but so should we all...I hope that this reaches all our leaders by the millions!

Dear Congress[wo]man/Senator:

You hold what was once deemed a noble position within our Society; an esteemable position of Trust and Service. Your Oath was to uphold the Constitution and to serve the people of America with an integrity that is worthy of such a noble position.

Today we see our officials as morally bankrupt and intellectually anemic. Through your greed, corruption, and ineptitude we see the moral fabric of our country ripped to shreds, the principles of our country mocked, and our national unity torn asunder.

You were entrusted to serve the people with humility and with reverence for the honor bestowed upon you, yet you have neither virtue nor humility. Your intellect is truncated into a narrow vision that seeks only to rationalize your ideology or your greed. Without moral character or wisdom, all that you have is ego, and you put your ego above the needs of the country and all its' people. The lack of comprehensive intellectual perception creates only havoc in the wake of your decision-making. A mind that is tethered to a post makes a very short journey, and your minds seek only self-serving interests. That is a very short chain you are tethered by!

Political corruption allows the ACLU to render our Society as nothing more than some amorphous land-mass as you overtly destroy our defining heritage and culture, so as to not offend those that come here and hope to prosper by our Society. You bow your head to other nations in the hopes your meekness will make us endearing to them, rather than put the onus of responsibility on their shoulders to earn our goodwill and respect. Why should they not? Doesn't the rest of the world live off our money and charitable spirit?

You seek to destroy our sacred institutions and Churches to supplant moral thought with Earth Worship; a political scheme concocted by the Club of Rome whom many of you held a seat. You manufacture climate change as a man-made phenomena so you can justify your political agenda and Global Utopian fantasies.

Greed and corruption destroys our industry as you dance to the tune of Labor Unions so you can perpetuate your own self-glory.

You take no pride in serving the country; your internal satisfactions are garnered only in your perceived ability to successfully manipulate and 'close the deal'. Most of you are not even fit for employment in the private sector, so you perpetuate the continuance of Lobby Organizations so you can find some niche where your special skills of manipulation can be put to use if you should lose your seat of office.

You twist the minds of our children in order to secure a power-base for tomorrow that will enable you to foist your misguided Global vision upon us.

You spend the people's money irresponsibly, illegally, and without conscience. You do not honor the rule of law, but rather, you deem yourselves the arbitrators of law as you foist your ideologies upon the public.

Look around you and remember what this country once was, and contrast it to what we have become and where we are going. You seek to pit American against fellow American so you can justify the imposition of your will as you intervene upon the very situation you engineered. You manufacture lies with the ease of water passing thru fingers. You bankrupt our Nation to help foster in your Global vision of world unity and governance.

You are a disgrace to your office, a blight upon the landscape of this country, and the root cause of the Evil that rots at the core of a once noble nation. Consequence is of no importance to your actions, for in your ego-based arrogance you believe the ends justifies the means. But to whose end are you working for? Yours, or the people you represent?

All the Democrats have shown their blatant disregard for our laws and respect for our Nation. Most of the Republicans have as well. You try to malign those that speak out against your corruption, rather than find that necrotic and atrophied piece of integrity that may still linger in some dark recess within your soul, and stand up in support of that which is right.

Try as you may to marginalize American's that stand in protest to your self-serving machinations; know beyond any shadow of doubt that we will topple you; and once the malignancy of your presence as been exorcised we can then begin to heal our nation and to restore its former glory.

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