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My patriot sister and Blue Star Mom, Michele Salvo is fighting for her life against breast cancer. Michele has displayed remarkable backbone and compassion for other women. She introduced me to Dr Kathleen Ruddy who is working on a cure. Without over selling it, Dr Ruddy's research is extremely compelling, exciting and hopeful.


Michele said, “Dr Ruddy's cure probably will not be available in time for me, but it will save the lives of others. Lloyd, please assist her efforts”.


So, that is what I am doing folks, introducing you to Dr Ruddy. Please follow Dr. Ruddy on Twitter at


Also, please check out and


Michele is a recording artist. She donated her version of “Rockin National Anthem” to our “Tea Are The World” music album which benefits


All you believers, please pray for a miracle for Michele.


God Bless, Lloyd Marcus

Proud Unhyphenated American

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