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A Woke Student at the University of Michigan Tears Up and Trashes a Conservative Display. His Reason is Terrifying

by Alex Parker

At the University of Michigan, a crime was committed against Turning Point USA.
Specifically, it regarded the organization’s table, as set up at the University of Michigan.

The whole thing was a classic case of woke activism, formerly known as “$%@?! behavior.” Oh, and also “vandalism.”
Turning Point President Austin McIntosh caught the ordeal on tape. Or, phone.
The nearly-five-minute video — which has garnered over 3 million views on Facebook — shows the young culprit rip items from the hands of a fellow student, dump a bowl of candy onto the ground, take bags of cookies, destroy a poster-board sign, and throw the sign and cookies into a garbage can.
He says, disturbingly, “Recording me don’t make me feel no type of way, so you can keep doing it.”
Austin replies, “The police will like it, though.”
Now here’s the main reason I wanted to cover this story…

What did he have to say to that?
Peer with me, if you will, into the consciousness of some within a woke generation.
This was his response..
Here’s what a guy in college said:
“You know what’s also against the law? Hate speech.”
When I was in 3rd grade, every student in my class knew a founding principle of America was free speech. Which meant — by definition, of course — all speech.
Back to the video:
Students accuse the man trumped by third graders of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
He continues to steal things, tear up things, and throw things into the trash.
A female student comes up and seemingly defends him.
To a girl at the table, the sympathizer offers, “Of course you’re so scared, white woman.”
Recounting the incident — which occurred at the end of October — Austin shared the following with The Daily Wire:
“Through meetings with some university officials, I was told if I would’ve gotten physical with him, I would’ve been subject to punishment even though I was defending my stuff.”
He also pondered the trajectory of those across the aisle:
“I feel like the Left is so intolerant of other ideas, other beliefs, and intellectual diversity. They can’t stand to hear another opinion.”
Austin called the police on the bully. They chased him ’til he got away.
Here’s more from TDW:
McIntosh later met with Sarah Daniels, associate dean of students, as well as Robbie Abdelhoq, the formal conflict resolution pathways program manager for the Office of Student Conflict Resolution, who allegedly told the TPUSA leader that the vandal could be made to take “an anger management class, or write an apology letter.”
McIntosh wants more than that. He told The Daily Wire that there should be “restitution” for the damaged and discarded materials, and perhaps “suspension” for the vandal.
On campus, Austin anticipates a disappointing end:
On the university side of things, I honestly don’t expect much. There have been other situations on our campus, like intolerance toward conservative students, and they don’t seem to do a whole lot. I think it starts at the top. Look at President [Mark] Schlissel – he sent out emails when Donald Trump won about how he thought it was ironic that conservative students felt targeted or harassed on campus. I don’t think the university is very protective of their conservative minority students on campus. At most, my guess is that they’re going to put him in some sort of anger management class, but I’ll be pushing for suspension and restitution.
As for law enforcement, things are moving forward:
The case has been sent to the prosecutor’s office. I expect charges next week, however cannot divulge any charges or other details until the subject is arraigned, per Michigan law.”
Of course, what we have isn’t a law-breaking problem. It isn’t something the police can solve.
We’re facing an entire generation having been taught — whether it be via news networks, public education, entertainment, or social media — a new definition of the United States of America. Their understanding of what we are — and what we’re supposed to be — is set to radically transform this country as they’re put in charge.
And it’s gonna take a lot more than a table and a sign to fix that.
At the University of Michigan, not even the sign can get past the blockade of the woke.
Conservative speech is hate speech. And you know what hate speech is. If you only went through 2nd grade.

Me Here...This is a black eye on my state.  There is no excuse for the Univerisity of Michigan to allow this so called student to be allowed on campus.  The only punishment that fits is to expel this student and revoke all his credits.  The Univerrsity though must make him pay immediately any loans for his classes so far.

This conduct must never be tollerated by any side.  Neither liberal or conservative or anything else can be allowed to conduct themselves in this maner.  No side can tollerate this either.

Wrong is just wrong!  U of M must take a hard stand to condem this.  Any action that gives any tollerance of this is wrong.

Colleges and Universities must take the lead in protecting free speach by all sides.  Any school that refuses should no longer be elligible for any Federal funds including student loans.  The Federal Government does have the power to force if nessasary this freedom so many have died in service to preserrve our freedoms.

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