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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it


There is nothing wrong with any of your philosophies per se, but what you fail to seem to recognize is that they are 'yours'. You strengthen your own beliefs by surrounding yourself (via your associations, such as but not limited to the Club of Rome) with others whom you share a bond of commonality.

When an outside individual begins to see how through your various associated NGO's your are raping the world of it's wealth, one cannot help but wonder if you are noble, or pure evil hiding behind noble rhetoric. I don't know the answer, but I suspect you are not re-distributing your wealth--nor living in a hut communing with bugs and furry little rodents. Neither are any of your associates. In other words, you have a noble idea how the rest of us should live, but no willingness to lead the world by example in this endeavor.

You sit on Boards alongside David Rockefeller, whom happens to be chairperson of the World Economic Council and awards grants to organizations such as yours. I guess collusion is of no consequence to Mother Earth who has no moral yardstick for her children. Yet a moral code can be devised by you and your associates for others to abide?

Despite the glowing rhetoric, the narcissism that lies at it's back seemingly clouds the realization that 'your' beliefs should begin and end within the boundary of 'self'. What you believe is within the providence of your own freedom of choice. Evil seeks to take away other peoples freedom of choice, and in this case predominately by perverting the educational system so as to indoctrinate the youth to 'your' world view. ['your' is meant to be inclusive of the entire group of you]

I would like you to take a look at yourself and to see if your philosophy is benign; (such as Buddha, Christ, Ghandi, etc), whom walked upon the world and spoke of a greater spiritual well of perceptual opposed to those who foist it upon the world through hidden forms of coercion and propaganda. Hitler started with a philosophy, but the execution of it was a bit tainted, yes? Ask yourself: -- "what kind of man am I really?" You are either benign or malignant, there is no middle ground.

You speak of love, yet accord to no other love. Love is freedom of choice, it has no coercion at it's back, nor does it make any demand.

Gaia Earth paganism is centuries old philosophy, and who knows, you may be right. If you are, this is not something you will be able to ponder after death as the plant that once nourished you yesterday, is in turn nourished BY you tomorrow. There you will eternally rot. God or Mother Earth? Once we die, we will know the answer. What if you are wrong?

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