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The Washington Post wants blacks to believe that guns are the problem. Unfortunately, it's working.

“Black Americans want new gun laws to curb gun violence,” The Washington Post headline tells us. “Trump offers more police.”

And with that one statement, we have so much to rebut!

So let’s start with the racist origins of gun control in the Jim Crow South. That’s right; the first laws to prohibit guns were meant to keep guns out of the hands of blacks, leaving them defenseless against the KKK. The worst massacres in American history weren’t Orlando and Las Vegas. As National Review’s Kevin Williamson recounts, “That happened in — depending on who is doing the counting — 1917 in East St. Louis, or in 1873 in Colfax, La., or in 1921 in Tulsa, Okla., or in 1919 in Arkansas. All of those were mob-violence episodes in which white terrorists, often working under the leadership of Democratic politicians, massacred African Americans, hundreds at a time. Some were shot, some were hanged, some were burned alive.” Unarmed and defenseless blacks.

Second, we’d call this an example of pollaganda. The Leftmedia repeatedly and falsely tells blacks that the problem with inner cities is guns. Then the Leftmedia asks blacks if removing guns would fix the problem. Lo and behold, people are able to regurgitate the position fed them by the media.

Third, among the Trump statements the Post takes issue with was his assertion that Democrats have “ruled the inner cities for 100 years. This is their rule.” He’s absolutely correct. As Mark Alexander noted Wednesday, “The 30 cities with the highest murder rates have been under Democrat control for decades.” Even the Post sort of concedes this by noting how successful New York was at reducing crime … under Republican Rudy Giuliani. Nevertheless, the black homicide rate is rising.

Fourth, speaking of reducing crime, that brings us to law enforcement. Barack Obama’s war on cops has been deadly before, and it turned so again this week. A 19-year-old college fanboy of Obama and Bernie Sanders gunned down Texas Tech University campus police officer Floyd East Jr. on Monday.

Fifth, who, pray tell, is going to enforce these new gun laws? We’ll give the erudite folks at the Post three guesses.

Finally, a point about NFL celebrity athletes taking a knee to promote and popularize the fake “racist cop” assertion — a protest started by former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who recently donated funds to honor a cop-killer. USA Today compiles an

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