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Action Alert: Not good news... (12/20/10)

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Action Alert!
Take action now! Then, forward to your contacts.
Action Alert: Not good news... (12/20/10)

To our members,

Yesterday, we reported that S. 510, the Food "Safety" bill was it should have been.

Last night, we learned differently. It seems that Senator Reid, after receiving a letter from several sponsors of the bill, decided to bring it back for another vote--this time making sure he followed proper procedure.

And this time, (without any warning to the American people), S. 510 was brought back for another vote Sunday evening (12/19/10) and PASSED BY UNANIMOUS VOTE!

Even the Republican Senators betrayed us on this one--including Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who has been blocking this legislation. Coburn "lifted his objection at the final moment."

Read the full story HERE.

After learning how the Senate secretly managed to pass S. 510 (against the will of the American people), we are concerned at what else they might attempt during the remaining days of this Lame Duck session. Is the DREAM Act next?


We still have a chance to defeat this bill--but we must push back HARD!

S.510 will be back in the House on 12.21 as HR.2751! The Sorry Story here:

The above link provides a revised "Action Item" concerning this issue!

In addition to taking the action posted at the above link, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL your Congressional Representative.

This link provides DC phone numbers; FAX numbers; and email addresses. Just enter your state and zip code in the form provided and you will be provided with contact information for all three of your state representatives.
Click below:
Contacting The Congress

We only have a short time to push back against this legislation!
PLEASE take action right away!



We have received email messages from many of you in response to last night's passage of S. 510 Food "Safety" bill by our Senators. Your anger and frustration is evident in these emails. Please know that we share that anger and frustration.

Further, we believe our Senators should be aware of how we feel! With that in mind, we are offering to send the "S 510 TRAITOR" fax posted in our FAX Center to ALL 100 Senators at your request.

NOTE: To save time, we will NOT be revising the fax posted in the center, so please ignore the recipients' names in the "TO" line of the posted fax. All 100 Senators' names will be included (on our end) before the fax is sent.

Just as the Senators like to receive "thank you notes" when they DO listen to us, so should they hear how we feel when they don't!

Please visit the CIA FAX Center and request to send the "S 510 Traitor" Fax in your name today!
Take action now!

Then forward this email to your contacts.


Elizabeth, Barbara, Ron, Bruce, Rosemary, and Kirk

Citizens In Action

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