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After 47 years in the Senate – Ted Kennedy has passed away – What does that mean?

Edward “Ted” Kennedy has passed away, and we mourn for his friends and family.

Now…not to be unsympathetic but one cannot help but notice the amount of time the Senator spent in office, over 47 years! Think about that, he has been in the Senate since 1962. The median age of people in the United States is 36.4 which means he has been in office 10 years longer than many Americans have been alive.

I have a question, since when did an elected position become a LIFE long career? Last I checked being appointed to the Supreme Court was for life not the Senate or House of Representatives. Do you realize that over 88% of the Senate and 75% of the House have more than 10 years in politics? See Congress

Honestly, how in touch with real Americans can they possibly be? In fact, if their actions of late are any indication they are showing that they are completely out of touch and have even gone so far as to believe THEY know what is best for US. In a representative type government aren’t they supposed to represent us and listen to us NOT tell us what they are going to do and expect us to accept it? They are forcing these Stimulus, Cap & Trade and Health Care Reform Bills down our throats and don’t seem to care what their constituents think.

It is time for a change. Join the Vote of No Confidence in our Government movement where we are advocating voting these Career Politicians out of office starting in 2010. Please don’t wait until they pass on or retire to replace them as the situation is only getting worse and we must stop the madness. Join us now to prepare for the 2010 elections and help us end these peoples Careers in politics.

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Comment by Donald L Tobias on August 27, 2009 at 8:30am
I think it's going to mean that Arlington Cemetery is soon going to be desecrated, with the remains of one unworthy!!

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