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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I have always seen America as a....

Land where all dreams are possible.

Land where you have an oppurtunity.

Land where there are men and women answering the call to defend what we love the most.

Land where the Statue of Liberty welcomes foreign citizens to a nation of hope.

Land where everyone is united and everyone falls divided.

Land where you dont have to fear evil.


America is the home of thousands and thousands. It is the home of all race and the home of those who came here in search of hope. We face poor economy right now, but it is getting better. We faced the threat of not getting an independence on July 4th 1775. But with the Colonial Cause and those who answered to carry out that cause and duty, America was born. When I look outside in my front yard and I see that flag on that pole, I know that America is getting better. 3 miles from my house, there is a Army Guard station where soldiers who are being sent over seas sometimes are stationed at. You can see the flag flying over the community every morning. When I see that flag flying high over the land, I know that America still stands for what it is said to be through the Constitution. Our troubles will rise in the air from the hands of our Lord Jesus. Our nations battles will be fought and won. Our dreams will continue to flow through the winds across the land. Cancer will be stopped and defeated. We will face evil head on. The world will see America rise again. This nation will once again be united more than what it has ever been.

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