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The following is an excerpt from Columnist Bill Turner in today's The Cypress Times.

There are at least 35 known terrorist training camps in the United States. Mosques throughout America are a known breeding ground for Imams seeking to build terror sleeper cells within our borders, and to help fund terrorism abroad. But, the biggest source for recruitment isn’t the refugees being imported by B. Hussein Obama from Palestine, it is the home grown jihadist’s being recruited in America’s prisons.

Muslim inmates in prison commit financial jihad by demanding special food, in accordance with their religion. Our government, its courts and the prison system accept Islam as a religion, rather than a society governed by Sharia, a set of laws demanding jihad of all types against the western world. As a result of this special treatment, they burden the prisons financial systems and they are allowed special access to the prison chapels with outside “religious directors”:

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