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Are you tired of supporting the ambivalent nature of our government towards making English our official language?

Consider this:

1. Several states allow driver's licenses, official government documents and even voting to be conducted in languages other than English.

It's not so much that the states allow it, but more appalling that they condone and make immigrants "lazy" by making things easier for them. So is political correctness appropriate? Is it tolerable that our government thrives on making things easier for immigrants?

1. The federal government continues to fund classes for students with limited English proficiency (LEP) even though research dictates that these children don't necessarily improve their language skills. The fact that the classes are conducted primarily in their native language and very little English is indoctrinated in the curriculum is an injustice if not a crime.

In my opinion, the federal government and the local school systems count on the millions of discretionary dollars because these dollars can be used on other things than just the LEP classes. So think about it, if the number of students enrolled in LEP is lowered or if these students "actually" do learn English, then the dollars dry up.

2. Why should current generations of immigrants have it easier than it was for generations of previous immigrants? My parents and I arrived in the US when I was three years old. My parents knew that (1) we needed to assimilate; (2) they needed to work in whatever job was available; (3) we needed to learn the culture, heritage and history of the United States of America; (4) we needed to learn English to survive in our new country.

3. I am an immigrant and I am proud to have been able to come to this country for a better life. I can proudly say that my parents never sought or expected any financial assistance from the government. They worked hard and long hours to have the "little" we had to make it.

Why is it that current immigrants come to the US and "some" of them think it is a right to receive financial assistance from the government?

Understanding that as one gets older, it is difficult to learn a new language. However, with the many churches and not for profit organizations available that teach English, why is it that non-English speakers take a back seat and just give up when it comes to rolling up their sleeves to learn English. Yes, to truly appreciate something and in the old-fashioned way, it takes hard work.

In closing:

(A) The privilege to drive in our country is just that-a privilege. It is not a right or an expectation. Logical sense and a reasonably minded would believe that English should be known to take the driver's license examination. It is unacceptable for a person getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to test for said license in a language other than English merely to make it "easier" for them to get a license. If that holds true, then the family of any human being killed by another human being who was licensed to drive and who took said exam in another language than English, should be able to file suit for negligence on the basis that said person caused the death because of their lack of English.

(B) Aside from the associated costs (at taxpayer's expense) of providing translators and translating official documents, the emphasis by federal, state and local governments of providing or making it "easier" for immigrants to conduct official business is a major setback for these people to advance or make it in our country.

I strongly believe that "ALL" official business in this country at "ALL" levels of government must be done in English. Providing translators and translated documents only exacerbates the time and/or difficulty of learning English. Additionally, it creates a "false" sense of not having to learn English. Why would anyone have a need or desire to learn English in our country if the government provides translators and translated documents?

(C) Perhaps the most important and sacred right we as Americans experience is voting. Yes, politics is dirty, tricky, often corrupt, but it is the best form of government selection there is known to mankind. So as one of the most sacred actions we as Americans exercise, why would that exercise be allowed in any language than English?

It is unconscionable to grant that right to someone in our country and allow him or her to vote in a language other than English. I am not apologizing, if you don’t know English, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in our country.

If you agree with the status quo of letting people take a driver's license test in many languages, giving people the choice of getting official documents in many languages or letting people vote in many languages, then don't do anything.

However, if you agree with my three points, then please join me on my Blog and the efforts to make English our official language.

Please visit my Blog at to learn more and to spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues.

In order to preserve America's heritage and acknowledge and respect the sacrifices made by countless Americans before us, without whom we wouldn’t have liberty, freedom and prosperity, please take a stand and join my Blog and the efforts.

Thank you,

Eddie V Garcia

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