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Barry’s Death Care Lives On…..For Now

Well, the GOP Leadership failed to come up with a bill that both ended Death Care AND returned health care to the control of the people.  The GOP”s 3 point plan was doomed to failure because the third part would never have been able to get out of the Senate.  Senate Democrats would have blocked it by filibuster.  Without the third part, Death Care would have been only slightly improved and now the GOP would own the mess.  So why didn’t Democrats back this mess?

Barry’s Death Care is working EXACTLY as the Democrats intended.  It was designed to fail and destroy health care.  Then the Democrat plan was to save the system by nationalizing the entire system with a single payer government run system.  This would be a VA on mega steroids with all of the problems and more.

It is easy to understand why the Democrats have always wanted this.  The Democrats are still working to force this to happen.  That is why they are refusing to work with the GOP to change it.

A government run system is the Democrat dream to insure they are in power for a long time to come. 

The Democrats would insure that all healthcare workers are quickly unionized.  This would insure a huge new source of campaign money for the Democrats.  Remember Hillary Care?  One provision will be it would be illegal to go outside the system. 

This would give the Democrats in every campaign the fear ads of, “If you vote Republican you will lose your health care!”

The Democrats as we have seen with the IRS under Barry will be completely politicized.  If you don’t toe the Democrat Party lie on issues, you will risk losing your health care.  So the Democrats figure that they will own voters.  Not many would risk losing health care.

Now the reality is Barry’s Death Care still isn’t a Constitutional Law.  It has never been signed by a Constitutional President.  It was signed by an Unconstitutional Usurper, Barry Soetoro under an illegal alias of Obama.  Now if the GOP had a real spine, they would expose Barry for the fraud he has always been.   Death Care, his appointments (including all judges at all levels), executive orders, and rules from executive agencies would all be history in an instant.  Everything would be wiped clean. 

Now granted, this would be a huge short term major headache for President Trump and the GOP.  In the long run it would destroy the Democrat Party.  So it would be great for America in the end.  


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Comment by Karen Damvelt on March 27, 2017 at 10:14am

I am just glad I was already on Medicare and not have to be forced to by on something I could not control.


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